A Life in 6 Songs

In January NPR posed a challenge, “Tell Us the 6 Songs of Your Life“. Right away this caught my attention because at my very core music has been an integral part of my life. From childhood when I would sing along with TV shows and movies, through high school when I got to belt out show choir songs on stage, to now when I am a mother and use music to soothe and excite my own children, music is with me. It is safe to say that this is the case with everyone, we are a musical species who carry songs in our hearts and head. I am young, in the whole scheme of things, but here are my songs and why!

1. Fraggle Rock-Intro Song- This is a TV show that I watched as a child religiously. I remember dancing around to it, singing at the top of my lungs, while eating a banana and sporting awesome “fraggle-ish” pigtails! This is such a fun song… now my kids dance to it!

2. The Rhythm Is Going to Get You (Gloria Estefan)- Oh Gloria! My first concert, my first Latin artist to sing to, my fashion idol…. Gloria Estefan was my idol to say the least. She was my introduction to singing in a different language, a connection to my Hispanic roots, and was so much FUN to sing to!! I would rock out everything from Conga to Get On Your Feet… and still do today!

3. America from West Side Story– During high school I was fortunate enough to be in our annual musicals every year as well as in Show Choir and the other choirs. My favorite was West Side Story and still is today. I adore the colors, the script, the choreography… it was so much fun and a highlight of those four years. This was my favorite dance number of all.

4. I Don’t Want To Wait (Dawson’s Creek)- Ah, the teenage angst of Dawson’s Creek. This show was a staple in my college day to day routine, my sorority sisters and I would gather in a room to watch it between classes and lunch, gasping over the drama and sighing over the long profusions of love. It was our version of the soap opera and we loved it! (My husband cringes when he hears this song!)

5. You Are My Sunshine (Elizabeth Mitchell)- This is the song I’ve sung all my girls to sleep to as well as sung with all my younger students. It’s beautiful, calming, and has such a great message.

6. We Found Love (Glee)- After 10 years of marriage, this is the song is the one that makes my heart swell for my husband and my life. It’s upbeat, positive, happy. After everything that I have been through, I’ve found love. Simple as that.

What is the playlist of your life in 6 songs?

What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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