Happy Birthday Gabby

Today my oldest baby is 10 yrs old! How the heck do I have a 10 yr old?!!! Gabriella Rae is now in the double digits and growing faster than I can keep up. She is funny, artistic, kind, friendly, caring, sometimes snarky, and very sarcastic. (And stunningly pretty!!) I love watching her play soccer, laugh, read to her menagerie, draw, shoot arrows, and just “be”. I’ve cherished all the time we get to spend together thanks to homeschooling and look forward to many more years of it.

For her special day I filled her ceiling with balloons, wrote on the car, filled balloons with money ($20!!), and bought her favorite donuts- Jack Frost Donuts. Aside from her BIG present- Spike Sparkle, her bearded dragon- we gave her some Legos, clothes, and an awesome pair of chameleon goggles. She was super excited for all of her gifts.

Happy birthday my not-so-baby!!!! We love you lots!!!

Gabby 2



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