Outside my window it is a mix of sun and clouds, wind, rain, and humidity. One moment the sun will be shining and I hurry the kids to get shoes on so we can go out, and then I blink only to find a downpour in full force. My neighbors are trying valiantly to mow their lawns, but it is done in parts, stopping for the clouds to part again. The windows are closed because even when it is sunny the humidity is pretty intense. 

I am thinking about starting our Homeschool year next week, before dance starts, to give me and the kids a chance to ease into this new routine. As I mentioned we are adding a little more structure to our day so I am trying to be more prepared by planning really far ahead. I am also thinking about dance, tonight’s dinner, removing mats from my ornery Maine Coon, teaching the bunny how to come down stairs, Robin Williams, salsa recipes….. lol, a typical mother’s mind!

I am thankful that we have a roof over our heads, food in the refrigerator, jobs to pay the bills, and three very healthy girls.

In the Kitchen is a mostly empty sink, a muddy floor thanks to the dogs,  and nothing cooking- yet. I know that there is at least one cat sleeping in a patch of sunshine, crayons on the floor, and an empty milk cup on the counter. My new cilantro plant is filling the space with the possibilities of rice, pork holders, and salsa. 

I am wearing a pair of running shorts and a very comfy turquoise tee shirt. 

I am creating lesson plans, beach inspired necklaces, dragon and pony books, chaos basically. 

I am going to the mall tomorrow with some great friends to eat bad food, look at clothes I can’t afford, and to enjoy my awesome friends! 

I am reading both The Maze and Son by Lois Landry. I’m on a Young Adult kick. I usually have more than one book going at a time and have to read before I go to sleep, so I tend to fly through books. (I have the bad habit of starting books at 11pm and not being able to put them down until the wee hours of the morning. 

I am hoping that I can write my next post in a manner that is thoughtful and honest to myself

Around the house most people and things are sleeping. Moira, hover is still awake and chattering away like a monkey in a tree. My head is pounding and I really wish she would get tired already!

My favorite quote for today:


One thought on “Today…

  1. i really liked this post – it gives an insight so many facets of a life (namely yours, lol!) besides, our weather has been weird too! im in the UK!

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