Money Smarts

One of my goals this year is to get a real hold on our family finances. We have made a lot of dumb choices in the past and while we have learned from those mistakes there is a lot that I know we could improve on. Getting the kids on board with cutting back on expenses is part of this goal so I decided to create some printables to help the girls actually see how savings and spending works.

The girls have jobs that are non-paying as they are for the good of the family as well as paid jobs. While Gabby is very good at saving her money, she often forgets how much she has. And Amelia lets money run out of her hand like water, more often because she doesn’t have a saving goal in mind.

Feel free to save these for your own use and let me know how they work for your family!

Allowance Sheet blank Family Job Sheet Goal Sheet Paid Jobs Sheet


2 thoughts on “Money Smarts

  1. These are great!!! What determines (for you) a pay job and one that is done because it’s simply part of being a family?

    1. Thanks!! For us a family job is one that is more expected to be done to keep the house at the most basic level of clean- pick up room, make bed, take out their bedroom trash, put their clothes away, etc. Paid jobs are jobs that I *could* do but prefer them to do so that I am free to do things that they can’t do, like heavy cooking, cleaning bathroom, etc. Paid jobs are emptying dishwasher, folding laundry, cleaning litter box, washing the windows, etc. The amount paid is determined by the time and effort required, most jobs are $.50-$1, anything involving poop is $2. =)

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