This Just Pinned

Even if my blogging is sporadic at best, I am a pretty faithful Pinner. I am constantly on there looking at colors, crafts, nail designs, hairstyles, and more! Here are some fun things that I just pinned. =) Enjoy!

PinnedI am kind of obsessing about these purple and grey tones. They are on my nails right now and I smile every time I glance down. This palette is exactly the kind of shades I wanted. I am also entranced and obsessed with this Easy shop and specifically this tee shirt… I am pretty sure that I would never change out of it. Take a look around and you will be in love too!

I am thinking about getting another tattoo (I am slightly concerned that I will not stop getting tattoos) and this time I want something to celebrate my love of felines. I want something soft and subtle on the back of my neck, a watercolor tattoo. This is the closest thing I have found to what I am looking for and perfect for me since I love black cats.

We have been playing with polymer clay lately and I have just pinned a bunch of really fun charms to make like these pretty books. A little more sophisticated, this clever little clay house hides a small incense cone that lets smoke through the chimney. I can’t wait to make one!

Around my birthday I always contemplate a hair cut or change… I really like this simple chin length bob with bangs. (However, my hair gets pretty oily quickly and it ends up looking stringy and blah!) It’s still fun to look around.

I keep adding to my reading list…. I don’t think I can read enough. Check out my Book Board here!


What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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