An App About YOU

I am a sucker for apps, especially apps that make my life better in some way. I have apps to keep me organized, apps to make my phone pretty, and apps to make my photos rock! Apps are a part of technology that I really enjoy.

Another thing I really enjoy are hot chefs… namely Mr. Jamie Oliver…. yummy!

Jamie Oliver

It just so happens that Jamie Oliver created an app, released on New Year’s Day this year, that I really think is a must for everyone. It is called YOU and this is their manifesto:

We believe in micro-action. Change rarely just happens overnight. Your life is the sum of all those small actions you take every day, and every choice you make is significant. We want to empower you to make change happen – one action at a time.

Your life is not a number or a dashboard – it’s not how many steps you walked, how many calories you ate or your place on the leaderboard. Life is richer – it’s feelings, moments, shared experiences! Life is enjoying every victory, celebrating balance and showing vulnerability. Life is being perfectly imperfect.

Isn’t that just awesome? I love that it isn’t about making drastic changes quickly but about the small changes adding up over time.

So far I’ve completed quite a few micro actions and look forward to opening the app everyday to see what my “assignment” is. This is a sample of what you may find:


I love seeing everyone else’s take on the action, since it is pretty open to interpretation many times. And you can get followers and follow others who are also on the journey with you. So check it out here and join me (my username is ConnieKrebs)

Stick with us for one minute per day, and we’ll help you help yourself live a happier, more fulfilled life. Because small things matter.

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