Let’s Try This Again…

IMG_6223Hello!!!!! So I am going to try to resurrect the blog one last time, if anything to help me keep track of all the cool things that the kids are doing now that all three are officially homeschooling. Also, because sometimes I feel like sharing all of the fun stuff that we do on Facebook is just a bit too much for everyone, lol.

So here is a running list of where everyone is at right about now:

  • I am still teaching dance at Dancexcel and loving it! I teach all levels and all ages, which is perfect for me since I like variety. Last summer and this summer I am working at TrueNorth Cultural Arts as choreographer, again a perfect fit for me since I am a musical theatre kid at my core. AND I am working for an organization called Reach Out and Dance (aka ROAD) which goes into public schools and pre-schools and teaches dance in lieu of their normal phys ed class. This is just during the school year, although I will be handling their social media soon. Lol, oh and I am still graphic designer for Dancexcel and run their Instagram page. (And yes, I still have time to do stuff with the kids, craft, and have a life… although I have no clue how!)
  • Klint is still at the Federal Reserve as a corporal with their police department, but has picked up wood working and is KILLING IT! I will definitely be posting about some of his creations as I am so proud of him (and am getting lots of beautiful pieces in my house!) And for anyone who has been here long enough… Klint is pretty much symptom free as far as his depression is concerned. *If anyone would care to read about it, I will write another post as it is an incredible story.*
  • Gabby is almost 12 and officially 3″ taller than me! She is a drawing, reading, dog loving machine who has a talent for cooking and a very big help to me. She is tossing around the idea of starting her own blog about video games and such so I will share when that happens.
  • Amelia is almost 9 and a source of a lot of antics here at Casa de Krebs. She has toned down the destruction and has developed a love of math and rollerskating. She takes dance at Dancexcel and has really grown into her talent. She loves horseback riding, swimming, the beach, and audio books.
  • Moira has really grown up… and has the real potential to be a serious super villain! Seriously people, she is one lab accident away from taking over. She takes dance as well and horseback riding from a fellow homeschooling family, loving every minute of being on a pony her size. She has a personality that is so big, I can’t believe she will be 6 in December!

So that is where we are all at. We’ve got a zoo (literally people, to say we love animals is a gross understatement!), fill our days with trips to parks and museums, and are really just loving life. (If you want to catch up via pics- check out my Instagram: DaliMama32) I’ll try to resume posting regularly, so check back in a day or two!




What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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