Rainbow Bagels!!!


OMG you guys!!!!!! I made my very own bagels!!!! And not only are they oh so yummy but they are colorful and pretty!! I was really scared to try this because of how time intensive it is, but it really wasn’t and the taste is so amazing.

I first saw rainbow bagels on Instagram from a bakery in NYC, drooled over them, but resigned myself to the fact that they were only to be seen. Then I saw this tutorial on Rosanna Pansino’s YouTube channel, Nerdy Nummies.  And while I love Ro’s tutorials, this particular one looked like it was an all day event… time is not something I usually have in spades. So to Pinterest I went!

There are TONS of great tutorials for how to make Rainbow Bagels so I chose the one that had good pictures and didn’t require any weirdo ingredients. I settled on this one from MomDot and will definitely be using it again and again!

I followed the directions exactly (a first for me!) as far as ingredients, although I only did 4 colors instead of 6, and they turned out soon beautifully and were so much tastier than the grocery store versions. I’m going to make some more and try some other color combos and maybe add edible glitter… no matter what they are definitely magical!




What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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