10 Happy Things


Here are some things that really make me happy:

  1. Golden doodles: How can you NOT be happy looking at this dog? I am in love with their silly personalities and cheerful expressions!
  2. The Adventures of George Washington: Seriously, nothing is better than taking old photos, art, etc and sticking funny captions on them. This is one of my favorites-2c9546e597456cf2824b4653a2c37cff
  3. Hamilton: I am jamming out to this phenomenon of a musical 24/7 and even the girls are singing along… Moira’s favorite character is King George, especially when he gets all pouty that we won the war, lol! Here is their performance from the Tony Awards this year… it is AMAZING!
  4. This manicure: There’s just something about the blues and the constellation lines that make me so happy! (I couldn’t find this post but here is the blog from the nail artist) 49a84bc86d6128db41076f0e3ab627e2
  5. The “Pink Drink” from Starbucks: Who can be sad when sipping this pink lovely? Bonus points for being healthy too! IMG_6183
  6. LulaRoe Leggings: OMG, I can write a novel about why I love LulaRoe and how happy it makes me. Here are some pics of my favorite pairs, including the pair Moira and I wore for the 4th of July!
  7. Reading the newest book from Nora Roberts- Bay of Sighs: If you are looking for an easy read full of romance and danger, this is the one for you! The second in the series was just released and it is sooooo wonderful! You can buy your copy on Amazon or listen to it on Audible!

  8. Fake eyelashes: yes, that is right… fake eyelashes make me happy! It is silly and superficial, but I love how my eyes look with them on and I wear them out and about when I feel fancy! My favorites are these pretties from House of Lashes Tinkerbell collection… so very pixie!
  9. Kitties… kitties always make me happy. If all my days were filled with cats I would be a happy lady! This is our youngest guy, Pixel, who is about 9 months old! IMG_5331
  10. Braids: As a little girl I always had my hair in braids, a la Laura Ingalls Wilder. I loved how curly my hair felt after I took them out or how my grandma would put bows at the bottom of them. Now I get to braid my own daughter’s hair and it makes me very very happy! IMG_6211Hopefully I have inspired you all to thing about your own happiness and find some joy in the little things in life. Cheers!



What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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