Let’s Talk About Addiction…

…my LulaRoe addiction…. (You didn’t think this was actually going to be a serious post did you?!) But seriously guys, I have an addiction to LulaRoe…


It all started innocently enough. I am a dance teacher and pretty much live in leggings. I typically stick to black leggings and then pair them with some kind of fun top. However I saw a really cool shirt on Pinterest, a baseball tee with a pattern on the sleeves and a solid middle. I had seen a similar shirt on Penny from The Big Bang Theory and I really liked how it looked on her. So I saw a friend was having a party and bought a shirt called the Randy.

I joined the consultant’s group on Facebook and kept on seeing crazy leggings in wild patterns, patterns that I would NEVER want on my not too small behind. People were going CRAZY for these!!!


And then there was this word being thrown around….


Unicorn???? What the hell?? (Stage 8 of the addiction) So I did some research… and came across these babies….


I saw and pic and fell in LOOOOOOVE!!! I adore all things stars, I have a constellation tattoo, and I love going to the science and natural history museums. So yeah, had to have them… but they are unicorns which means to get them I had to go to good ol’ eBay and pay… well a LOT more than the usual $25/legging price. (Stage 11; Klint just about flipped out on me so I had to explain the whole “unicorn” and buttery soft legging thing) But once I put them on I was hooked!


This led to a downward spiral of leggings, including raccoon faces, fruit, flowers, stars & stripes, tropical birds… and my faves: pineapples!!!! (I’m pretty sure these make my days brighter!)


Well, of course I had to go to a real party and see these magical leggings along with their friends Amelia, Irma, Maxi, and more, with every intention of buying just ONE pair of leggings MAYBE… let’s just say I was glad that I had gotten paid that day!


Yep, that’s my face when the pretty packages start arriving…. total innocence. Lol, anyhow it was obvious I am a fan of all things LulaRoe so I did what any normal woman does in this position- brainstorming ways to afford more LulaRoe! Here, sadly, the addiction has to stop because there is no way I can be a LulaRoe consultant… why you ask? This is why:

I own a zoo and people don’t want pet hair all over these pretty clothes. (On a side note, the leggings are pretty resistant to pet hair sticking to them, a big bonus for me!)

So I will just have to pay for my habit the traditional way and be satisfied scrolling though the many, many, MANY Facebook groups that I belong to. And that is the story of my addiction, which I have tried to curb but….




What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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