Thoughts While Driving To Buffalo

I drive to the Western NY area frequently because that is where I am from and where my family still lives (despite me pestering everyone to move to the great state of Ohio!). It is only about 3.5 hours from Cleveland to WNY, an easy drive on one highway that is often very picturesque. But because I have been an Ohioan for all my adult life, there are a lot of differences that I am starting to see between my two home states, and because I have a lot of time to think, here is a running train of thought from this past weekend’s drive:

  • Why do people from Ohio ride your tail, when it is so much easier to just go around the slow people?
  • Do people in Ohio think I am a crazy driver because I change lanes so much?
  • I wish that more people would know about the greatness of Aunt Rosie’s Loganberry…
  • … and Salem HotDogs…
  • …. and serving blue cheese, carrots, and celery with wings, no matter where you get them from.
  • I forgot how much Canadian money gets mixed into the US money when in WNY.
  • OMG I forgot how much better KISS 98.5 is than most of the Cleveland stations!!
  • Does anyone every get offended by the big Native American statue in Irving? 611115_1
  • Why is there a radio commercial for a strip club for women airing at 5pm? Oh great, now I have to explain what that is because AJ got excited thinking it was a candy store… (The commercial was for Peppermints, in Canada)
  • The malls here are so crowded! It’s like everyday is Black Friday at the Walden Galleria! Don’t you people have someplace to be?!
  • Beef on weck… I need to introduce this to Cleveland!rfl_x176
  • I’m starting to think I only come back home for the food…
  • Why is gas so much more in NY? Seriously people, it’s over a $.50 difference most times!
  • Ok, I’m starting to think I drive more like an Ohioan now, people are flying by me!
  • When people say “the city” here I automatically think Cleveland now, not NYC or Buffalo.
  • No carwash beats Delta Sonic… best car washes ever!
  • Holy Cow the Boulevard is crowded! When the heck did all these shopping plazas get put in?!
  • I think I am spoiled by the lack of people everywhere in Cleveland… our malls and major roads are barren in comparison!
  • People are actually talking to me about Cleveland like being from there is an awesome thing… that’s a change!
  • I can’t wait to get back home, where I know the roads and suburbs better, driving here is way stressful!

So that is a little peek into my brain when I am driving in NY… all of that in about a minute or so! For those of you who have moved states, is it a culture shock for you to go home ever?




What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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