Words to Live By


I don’t journal, but if I did I would write this. I try to go to bed every night with positive, happy thoughts, full of good intentions. If something is bothering me I visualize putting it in a drawer and shutting the drawer, putting it aside until the next day where I can actually do someone about whatever it is. Most of the time it works and I sleep pretty soundly, no matter if the problem is too big or small. Once in awhile it takes multiple drawer slams to really put it aside, I have to visualize the details of the drawer and the way the problem folds into itself to let the drawer close. But, I am a very determined visualizer!

I like reading quotes like these- inspiring quotes that are actually good advice. They remind me to take care of myself, that it is ok to indulge myself in little ways, that sometimes I am going to make mistakes but that it is ok. There is always another day to start rebuilding and making better choices. I like quotes that tell me to put my hair up in a bun and put on some gangster rap, to get shit done. And I also like quotes that remind me that flowers can grow where they are planted, to go on adventures, to be a mermaid and make my days sparkle.

Journaling isn’t for me, but pinning wonderful quotes like these certainly is!




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