The Art of Organization

I have tried many ways of organizing my life, not that my life is unorganized, on the contrary I am really on top of things. But I strongly feel that if anyone were to look inside my brain there would be over 100 tabs open, a calendar color-coded with my life, a huge playlist of my current favorite songs, a cookbook, photo album, etc. I keep it all up there and rarely write anything down. This however, is exhausting! And I realize that as I get older and as I take on more and more projects, as I am apt to do, I need to find a system for organizing my life.

This is not the first time that I have attempted to find a system for keeping track of my life. I have tried Project Life, which appealed to the visual side of my nature. It was pretty, involved the multitudes of photos that I take daily, and was affordable. However, printing out all those pictures took a hit on my printer and it involved a lot of extras- markers, tape, scrapbooking elements, page holders, embellishments… just a lot of stuff….

I have this cart and this is pretty much what it looked like when I was on my Project Life kick. 

So I abandoned that after a few months. And I resumed my brain hoarding method. Then I started seeing these beautiful planners on my Pinterest feed. Lovely, organized, simple but colorful planners. These appealed to the structured side of my nature, the calendar was already there, the index and pages were already there.


However, this involved a lot of stuff too. Sticked to buy or print out, which being a graphic designer was fun until I realized all the money I was saving in printing my own stickers was killing my ink. And there were tons of pages that I didn’t use, which made me feel like I wasn’t using the planner well, which made me give that up after about a month. I seriously didn’t even think to pick it up and use it… plus it was big and bulky, didn’t fit in my purse, and therefore I resorted back to making lists on my phone or just keeping everything in my head.

Sigh. So two fairly expensive organization methods down the drain. But I am not going to give up. There has to be a method of organization that fits my crazy brain, one that is easily customizable but has some structure, allows for creativity but won’t cost an arm in ink or embellishments. And I actually think I may have found it. (Maybe, we will see!)

Enter the Bullet Journaling! The best way to explain it is to show you the video here. And here is a variation (and prettier version) of the layout you can create.

image credit:

I like that you only need a notebook and a pen. Sure you can add color, washi tape (who doesn’t love washi tape?!), etc… but it is definitely not necessary to have a pretty organizer. Like doodling? This method is for you! Like lists? Check! Like map symbols, indexes, and graphs? Yup! And best of all, you create the pages so there are no blank pre-made pages that will lay guilt on you.

So this is my project for the weekend to get done. in preparation for my upcoming dance season where I will be teaching at two studios, hopefully be in a musical, and will be preparing to enter back into academia for my masters degree. On top of homeschooling, belonging to two different homeschool co-ops, and trying to maintain my sanity through happy hour with friends.

If you are curious about Bullet Journaling too, here is a list of some resources I am looking at for guidance:

I will be sure to post some pics as soon as I set up my journal!!!



What are your thoughts? You know you want to comment!

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