Meet the Family

Here is the rundown of our little family! Enjoy!

First off, you have me- Connie!


I am the Mama Bear, and my titles are may: Dance teacher, choreographer, homeschooler, crafter, Target enthusiast, bibliophile… and definitely crazy cat lady! I am originally from Western NY and now reside outside of Cleveland OH. Along with all the crafting, dancing, child wrangling that I do I also sell Perfectly Posh on the side, as if I needed more things to do! My favorite foods are pasta, lobster, and almost every fruit- especially mangoes…mmmmm…. mangoes. I am the optimist of the family, forever trying to see the rainbow beyond the clouds.


I have been married for 12 years to the Mr., Klint who is 34. Klint is a police officer, a tech junkie, and an all around handyman. He is the guy you want to know because he can fix almost anything from computers to cars. Klint is an awesome daddy, a closet musical theatre fan, and a devoted patron of Chipotle. Our marriage has definitely had some rough patches but we are in it for the long haul. (Besides, whoever leaves has to take all the pets and children!) Speaking of children…

We have the girls:


Miss Gabriella Rae

11 years old and the sensitive, imaginative one of the bunch. She is our sporty gal and the one who started the whole homeschooling endeavor. Gabby loves nature, animals, and video games- just like Daddy. She has a wonderful smile and is soooo artistic.

Then came Trouble…


Amelia Jane

She is our wild child, first to bite, write on walls, and throw her shoes at mommy while driving. She is sparkly, sassy, and the spitting image of me when I was little. Amelia loves crafting, dancing, everything Pokemon, and annoying her sisters. She is quick to forgive though and is definitely our diva.

Last but not least…


Moira Marie

Miss Mimi is the epitome of the youngest child. At 5 years old, it is like living with a live Muppet! She is super silly, has a big personality in a little bitty body, full of laughter and giggles. She is a dancing machine and loves her sisters, whom she follows everywhere. Moira loves to draw, play on the iPad, and has a HUGE imagination.

We also have a zoo of cats, dogs, rabbit, bearded dragon, fish… my life is very full to say the least!!


3 thoughts on “Meet the Family

  1. thank you for sharing your family. Your little one is close to my grand daughter’s age, what a beautiful family you have.

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