We homeschool our kids or specifically we unschool with them. So what is unschooling? It is basically allowing our children to have a hand in their own education, learn according to their individual styles through interests and experiences rather than through a curriculum based on tests and standards. This is also known as interest led learning which is what we use as a guide to our studies. We do not have “school time”, adhere to a strict schedule, or use tests to see if our children have learned something. Instead I put the skill to use in real everyday life such as letting Gabby pay for things herself to learn how to use money or ask AJ to spot letters to find a place we are going.

We read, play, create, go on plenty of trips, using everything as a learning tool- even video games! =)

I am lucky enough to have found a wonderful, amazing, special co-op to belong to (because you know us homeschoolers are socially stunted and just weird!) that is supportive of all types of homeschooling and very child-oriented. This group is like family to us and drives me to further enrich my children’s lives.

I am sure that you may have questions about this whole subject so please go here– Jen is far better at answering questions than I am!

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