Sea Dragons, Books, and Ballet Shoes!

Whew! What a week so far!! This week has been chock full of funness and it seems like the fun isn’t going to be over anytime soon. =) Hmmmm… where to begin?

Well Tuesday the girls and I got to model for my friend Ali who is a face painter and VERY gifted artist. It was beyond a blast! I am just as giddy about it and can’t wait to have her come to AJ’s birthday party to paint faces. I think my friends and their kids are in for a treat, just check out Gabby’s cat face and the awesome sea dragon on mine. (AJ blurred hers out accidentally before I could get a good pic.)

Aren’t they amazing! I am in love with sea dragons so this was especially cool for me. =)


We have been spending a lot of time in the various libraries lately, always a plus in my book.It’s funny because we always agree to not get more books than we can carry and then end up taking out way more books that this poor mama ends up carrying. I honestly don’t mind though… the girls and I have a lot of interests and books only fuel the fire. Here are some of the books currently on our shelf:

A wonderful list and only a small fraction of what we actually have out, lol!


Finally, Miss Amelia had her first real dance class yesterday! It was exciting and a little bittersweet because it made me see the little lady that she is all too quickly becoming. I would have put her in dance last year but I wanted a year at my studio to get acquainted before I threw my kids in the mix lol! I also didn’t want her to be in one of my classes, been there done that, it just doesn’t work out well. So this year AJ is in Miss Mandy’s class, a lovely teacher who I know will both teach and inspire. She couldn’t stop talking about class and her favorite teacher, lol, it was cute. Here are some of the photos this proud Dance Mom had to take, lol!

Sigh… she is growing up too fast!!!!!

Have a great day friends!


Moving and Grooving

We are getting there… slowly but surely the packing is getting done and preparations are in full swing. Our poor garbage people aren’t too thrilled with us as our whole tree lawn was covered with clothes that we couldn’t donate and miscellaneous things that had seen better days. Today we bought the pretty grey comforter that I spotted on Target’s website as well as a LOT of paint. (I had no clue that paint was so expensive! About $150 for 4 gallons and a quart by Behr!)

The last couple days have been pretty good all in all. Klint has been on vacation and we enjoyed some yummy treats at Menchies…

At our homeschool co-op we learned about rainbows and made rainbows on skewers with fruit… the kids loved this activity!

This little girl, Esme, is the CUTEST little thing ever and belongs to my good friend Lili… love love love her!

and then today we did a lot of cool stuff like bowling at a birthday party!

Gabby really enjoyed this and actually asked if she could take lessons… I see my Buffalo bowling genes were passed on.

AJ also had a lot of fun, she got a kick out of wearing special shoes and was bummed she couldn’t keep them lol!

But I have to admit that the highlight of my day was buying paint… hopefully I will be just as cheerful Sunday night when it is all done!

We are painting our bedroom a pretty grey, Gabby’s room a turquoise and her bed a daffodil yellow, and the living room a lighter navy blue called Captain.

There ya have it! This is been my last couple of days… hectic but really enjoyable.

Cheers and more pics to come of our new house!

More Hair Cuts



Being a mommy to little girls I am very aware of the simple fact that everything I do is seen with impressionable little eyes, from how I feel about my body to how I dress.

Up until this point I just sort of go about my daily routines and if they have questions about what I do they ask,

“Mommy what are you putting on your face? What is that you are using on your eyelashes? What are Spanx?”

Last week when I cut my hair made more of an impression than I realized though,

both girls asked to get their hair cut on Tues!

Gabby has gorgeous thick hair that was past her shoulders and AJ has wispy thinner hair that had grown out of her pixie cut.

This is the after photo!


Cute right?!

Gabby’s haircut makes her seem so much older now and AJ no longer looks like a homeless orphan, lol.

They love it too because I am no longer chasing them around with rubber bands and a brush!

It was a pretty cool feeling when Gabby asked the stylist to cut her hair just like Mommy’s… very cool indeed!

For Now

I am dog tired from a very tiring week… Miss Moira JUST went to sleep (it is 12:30am) and is keeping a very late schedule with little napping these days. How that girl functions with so little sleep is beyond me! I am constantly reminding myself that as long as she is happy, doesn’t look tired, and is her normal self to just accommodate her routine and that this stage will pass.

That is a good mantra for most stages in parenting I believe, good or bad. Whether your child is new to this world or 7 and navigating new independence, stages pass and quickly it seems. It is best to just deal with the now and see the happiness that is there, however small it may be at times. A very smart fellow homeschooling mama told me today that she tells herself, “Qualities that are not so awesome in kids make for really awesome adults”. How true! (She has an opinionated 4 yr old as well!)

For now I am going to sit back and enjoy these lovely girls, not worry about the tomorrows or the yesterdays… Be back tomorrow for some St. Patrick’s Day fun-ness!

Hola Mis Amigos!

Hey there friends! How is everyone’s Saturday going? Things are going well here at Casa de Krebs I am pleased to report. Today the girls had their first swim lesson through our city Rec Center and absolutely loved it. AJ is pretty fearless when it comes to trying new things and Gabby just has fun in the water in general.

This week we went to the zoo, made jewelry, had a blast making messes at the co-op we belong to, ate the yummiest meal ever, colored, crafted, played, read, and so much more. Gabby wants to start a cat sitting service and we made a visit to the local animal shelter to drop off a cat condo and visit with the dogs and cats waiting for homes. If I wasn’t married I would definitely be a crazy cat lady… thank goodness Gabby has serious allergies to keep me in check, lol. (She is used to our pets so they aren’t a problem but on a scale of 0-5 she is a +4 for cat and dog allergies)

Our week was full of a lot of great activities and I know more fun is in store for my rowdy crew!

Here are some pics to enjoy:


I am getting ready for some fun St. Patrick’s Day and Dr. Seuss crafts so check back in the next few days for some awesome roundups! Cheers and have a great weekend!

Right Now I Am

{loving}  my new pool blue Rabito iPhone case… a review tomorrow

{eating}  some of this yummy addictive Buffalo Chicken Dip, change out the ranch for blue cheese though- way more authentic!

{feeling}  so much better now that I am over that nasty cold (unfortunately Klint has it!)

{drinking}  sweet tea… I am addicted to the stuff

{sending}  my thoughts and prayers out to the victims, families, teachers, and professionals touched by the school shooting that happened today, my sorority sister could have been there and I am ever so thankful she wasn’t.

{listening}  to the sounds of a quiet and sleeping house… so very nice

{reading}  this extraordinary list and smiling at the ones we have done, which as a lot I am proud to say

{working}  on so many projects from Etsy sales to dance recital routines but having fun….

{making}  covered button crafts- bookmarks with blanks from here, hair ties like these, and awesome earrings from some of my Japanese fabric stash

{watching}  my littlest girl grow so fast before my eyes… she has so many words and questions now, everything is “What’s that?” or “What’s this?”

{learning}  about dolphins, Komodo dragons, bridges, Ireland, robots, and bucket list ideas with the girls!

{playing}  with red Solo cups with all the girls… who knew cups would be so much fun to play with? We stack, pour, build, crumble… endless possibilities!

{thinking}  about this company and how beautiful their necklaces are and even more beautiful their creators!

{wearing}  my version of a necklace because I was so inspired and made another for a dear friend in need of a pick me up!

{wishing} everyone a great night,  (and that I knew how to knit because I am in LOVE with these for Moira!)

Photo Love

I get asked a lot  about what camera I use and I can tell people are really surprised to learn that most of my photos are taken with my iPhone. Sure we have a nice camera but I never remember to take it, and when I do take it I am too busy juggling/chasing a wiggly toddler to concentrate on composition etc. It is just easier to whip out my phone and take the photos. Honestly 9 times out of 10 I am really pleased with the photo straight out of the phone thanks to my fave app Vintage Camera, which I have talked about before. The effects are great and it serves it’s purpose. But once in awhile I get a photo that I want to play around with on a deeper level- yesterday that happened with a photo I took of AJ.

Isn’t she beautiful? This photo is so her but a side of her that people don’t see very often. It is quiet, still, secretive, and deep. Usually people see the nutty, loud, bossy, opinionated side of my middle child- bright colors, strong emotions. I am in love with this photo.

I decided to try a variety of actions from The Coffee Shop Blog on the photo and came up with such wonderful photos….

I couldn’t decide which one I like the most, all of the actions are so wonderfully designed! If you haven’t ever played with Photoshop Actions I highly recommend checking out all the ones here and also reading how to install/use them here. The ones I used here were Sunkissed, Pink Glow, Lomo, and Faded Daydreams. The actions are also compatible with Photoshop Elements so everyone can have beautiful photos!

People are so visual that it is so very important as a blogger, artist, creator to take good photos. They don’t have to be fancy, just make people feel something. Play around with the effects and you will see a huge difference in the level of photography with even a simple phone camera!