The Big 1-2!

IMG_6786 copy
How Gabby greets each day =)

Today my oldest is officially 12. How?? Seriously people,. yesterday she was learning how to ride a bike and teaching herself to read!

Gabby is a super silly, extremely responsible, interesting and unique kid. She knows what she likes and sticks to it, not caring if it isn’t the popular thing. She finds kids who are in need of a friend and befriends them, caring only that people aren’t lonely because they are different. She cares about animals, especially dogs, and hasn’t swayed from the idea of becoming a dog trainer and an artist. German Shepherds are her favorite dog breed, she melts when she sees them! Legos, Five Nights at Freddys, Jurassic Park & World… these are her favorite things. IMG_5400


I am so proud of how mature Gabby is. Klint and I have a lot of overlapping job obligations and so Gabby has picked up the slack a lot and watches her sisters almost every day for a little bit. (She gets a generous allowance as compensation for this, her time is worth something and it is important that she recognizes this) She also has become a really great cook and makes a lot of meals for the family. I love seeing her get excited about learning a new recipe!

I can’t wait to see what this year brings for my oldest girl, more opportunities to learn and grow for sure!



Birthday Wishlist

In our house we celebrate everyone’s birthday, even the grown ups! Since everyone has their own birthday month we usually extend out the celebrating to a full week of birthday fun-ness. But since Christmas just passed, sometimes it’s hard for Klint to think of what to get me, since he just go me things for the holidays and our anniversary which was December 6th. So I try to make a wishlist (that is pretty specific, lol) for him to go off of. I always have a wishlist, located on the sidebar of the blog, of things that I am adoring. But my birthday wishlist tends to be a little more realistic, lol.

Birthday1. MORE Pyrex!!!! I seriously can’t get enough of the stuff and since I got turquoise patterns for Christmas, pink is on the birthday list!! I would really love another bread pan since Gabby dropped mine that I got from a friend, along with some casserole and refrigerator dishes.
2. Aerie Comfy Striped Lace-Up T in Whipped Strawberry3. Punchline in Neapolitan from Rivet & Sway– Yes, I know I just got some glasses, but if I have another pair I can donate my old ones…
4. Wide Angle + Macro Lens for iPhone– I take almost all my photos on my phone so these would be perfect for me. And I love the idea of two lenses built in one!
5. Canvas TOMS Ballet Flats in Ash– Ballet flats really compliment my tiny feet and I love the TOMS brand.

So that’s it, not a huge list but a list that would make me very very happy. (I also love anything from LUSH & Anthropologie, if you are reading this Klint, lol!)

Traditions- Part 2

cat and witch walkingDid you enjoy reading about our traditions for holidays? Were you inspired or scared? =) In continuation here are some more of our fun Family Holiday traditions!

  • Labor Day- Labor Day is just like Memorial Day, the beach, a cookout with friends, lots of yummy food, lots of fun!
  • Halloween- We celebrate Halloween pretty much the whole month of October. We go on hay rides, pick pumpkins, make decorations, go to area activities and festivals, and eat “spooky” food like mummy dogs. =) Here in Cleveland you never know what the weather is going to be like- it could be warm and in the 60’s or snowing. Life’s fun here like that! One thing that we do try to do every year is go to Boo at the Zoo at the Cleveland Metropark Zoo, it’s a lot of fun and the kids love seeing the animals at night.
  • Dia de Los Muertos- Since I am half hispanic this is a HUGE holiday with me! This year since my mom had very recently passed I kept things light and fun, next year I will probably do more of the traditional remembrance activities. We paint our faces like calaveras, make paper masks, eat sugar skulls, and talk about what our loved ones favorite things were. We buy marigolds to set outside and generally have a great time listening to music and partying.
  • Thanksgiving- Yeah, not going to lie- we just eat for this one, lol! We usually go to either my friend’s house or my cousin’s for dinner, I always make Raspberry Chifon Pie and Klint makes Cranberry Conserve. We do ask the kids about what they are thankful for, but the food is more the tradition here. diy wonderland ornament
  • Christmas (general)- This is why Thanksgiving is so light, I am already planning our Christmas activities!! The month of December is taking up with Christmas traditions and activities- We have our Elves, Vicky and Snowflake, causing mayhem and helping around the house, we decorate with our tree and lights, we have an advent calendar with fun treats and winter activities inside. We take the kids on a fun night trip where everyone wears their pj’s, we drive around to see the lights, and drink hot cocoa. We go to GLOW at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and Country Lights at Lake Farm Metroparks. We also go to the zoo and see Santa’s reindeer, remind them to come see us for a treat. We always make sugar cookies, applesauce and cinnamon ornaments, and donate cat and dog toys to the local shelter. Polar Express Pajama Party:  Ideas and Activities for a fun holiday party with kids!
  • Christmas Eve- We spread reindeer food on the ground and leave out cookies with milk for Santa. The family all opens up a package with Christmas jammies, and we watch a Christmas movie like Elf or Polar Express. 
  • Christmas Day- After opening up presents we have a big breakfast with red and green pancakes, strawberry smoothies, and such. We play with our gifts, go see a movie, and eat a lunch of spaghetti and meatballs. (My grandfather always made this growing up) 

So those are the major holidays that we celebrate. There are little ones in there like National Ice Cream Day, Dress up Your Pet Day, and National Bubble Bath Day, lol that we enjoy as well. Along with the holidays we have traditions to for birthdays and seasons!!

  • Birthdays- First of all, the girls only get big birthday parties on certain milestone years- 1, 5, 10, 16, 18, and 21. Those years we go all out, invite everyone we know, and have big blow outs. On off years we do lots of little things are home. I fill their room with balloons, put streamers over the door so that they have to break out, and hang balloons over the doorway. We let the girls open birthday present right away in the morning and there is always a birthday outfit inside one. Then we do a traditional birthday breakfast of birthday cake pancakes and smoothies. The birthday girl also gets to choose lunch and dinner menus, dinner is usually at a favorite restaurant. We also do a birthday photo shoot and this year I am going to add to the tradition- The birthday girls gets a photo taken with balloons, as many balloons as the new age!! I’m so excited for this one!!!Water balloons on skewers for an instantly lovely cake topper!
  • Seasonal- Every season we go local fruit picking- strawberries, raspberries, apples, sour cherries, blueberries. It is something that the kids and I look forward to every year. (Klint HATES fruit picking, he thinks it is silly and chalks up my excitement to my questionable Mexican heritage, lol!) We also go to local festivals every year- The Medieval Faire, The Feast of Assumption in Little Italy, Lakewood Arts Fest, etc.

Wow! I didn’t realize how much we do until I actually wrote it all out. =) I bet you all have just as many traditions, I would love to hear about them! Anyhow, I hope you all have a very happy New Year full of fun and traditions! See you all next year!!

Golden New Year 2014!

This Is My Life

Sorry for the hiatus friends! These past couple of days have been filled with friends, fun, and celebrations. My oldest girl turned 8 years old… 8 years!!! I can’t believe it.

What started out as a simple get together to celebrate turned into a true party, complete with pizza, archery, and lots of food. Combine that with the fact that I have been battling bronchitis for the last week and my life has been a bit nutty. Cleaning, inviting, more cleaning, baking, and birthday girl shopping. It’s been a lot of fun though and most importantly- the birthday girl had a wonderful time. She loved hanging out with her friends and her very best friend got to sleep over… a treat for sure!

Having this party made me realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends, people who go out of their way to come and help us celebrate our girls special days. Gabby received the nicest gifts, everything that she is into and nothing that is princessey or overly girly. Everyone knows her well enough to know that art, crafts, and socks are what she is about. And although I have a pretty diverse group of friends, everyone had a great time talking and chasing kids. It truly was a lovely time.

Here is my favorite photo of Miss Eight Years Old!


Let’s Party!

We are getting into party mode here at Piazza de Krebs! Gabby’s birthday is just a mere 12 days away (8!) and then Amelia’s birthday party is mid September. Our family tradition is big parties for 1, 5, 10, and 16- a rule that cuts down on both cost and expectation of extreme parties that seem so normal nowadays. I just can’t do 3 HUGE parties every year, trying to top the last… not me! So this year Gabby is having family and friends over at the park for simple cupcakes, some archery, and snacks while Amelia is having “AJ Extravaganza… with Sparkles!” (She totally thought of that name herself!)

This is the party board I came up with to kind of organize my ideas:

* all these things can be found on my Party board on Pinterest!*

All Amelia has been talking about is her birthdy… how she wants lots of colors, honey sticks, and glitter everywhere! Lol, she has been toting around an Oriental Trading Co. catalog for weeks, circliing ideas and jotting down “notes. Adorable!!

I did come up with an invitation as well:

It is very very “her”!!

I can’t wait to get started on some of the decorations and such… fun times ahead!!

The Last Couple of Days…

{I turned 31… yikes! How did that happen?}

{We discovered a really cool store that has lots of fair trade items along with jewelry, clothes, and Buddhas}

{I got lots of really nice presents like this old copy of Little Women… I love books!}

{ Gabby has been working on writing her own stories}

{ Meanwhile AJ has been doing some workbooks, she wants to read so bad!}

{Not to mention plenty of time playing in the dollhouse with allllll the the Princesses}

{And of course, our weekly trip to the library… dressed as a dragon!}

That is what I have been up to the last couple of days… along with food, fun, trips, crafting, crocheting, photos, and dancing!

What have you been up to lately?

Happy 1st Birthday Moira!

How fast a year has flown by my little bear! A year ago we welcomed you into the world, on a beautiful snowy afternoon. A lullaby played throughout the hospital and the nurses cooed over your pretty face and calm manner. You have grown and changed so much, from a wee one who watched the world with big eyes to a lovely little tot who is into everything, copies everyone, and is full of laughter and mischief.Here are some of my favorite photos of you:

You love to be read to, any book from poetry to non fiction. One of your favorites to be read is a Dr. Seuss book and this is my favorite part of it because it is what I want for you.

You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!
You’ll join the high fliers
who soar to high heights.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Happy birthday my baby, happy birthday!