The Big 1-2!

IMG_6786 copy
How Gabby greets each day =)

Today my oldest is officially 12. How?? Seriously people,. yesterday she was learning how to ride a bike and teaching herself to read!

Gabby is a super silly, extremely responsible, interesting and unique kid. She knows what she likes and sticks to it, not caring if it isn’t the popular thing. She finds kids who are in need of a friend and befriends them, caring only that people aren’t lonely because they are different. She cares about animals, especially dogs, and hasn’t swayed from the idea of becoming a dog trainer and an artist. German Shepherds are her favorite dog breed, she melts when she sees them! Legos, Five Nights at Freddys, Jurassic Park & World… these are her favorite things. IMG_5400


I am so proud of how mature Gabby is. Klint and I have a lot of overlapping job obligations and so Gabby has picked up the slack a lot and watches her sisters almost every day for a little bit. (She gets a generous allowance as compensation for this, her time is worth something and it is important that she recognizes this) She also has become a really great cook and makes a lot of meals for the family. I love seeing her get excited about learning a new recipe!

I can’t wait to see what this year brings for my oldest girl, more opportunities to learn and grow for sure!



No School like Homeschool

It’s been a while since I posted about anything having to do with our little homeschool adventure… maybe because everyday, all the time, is what we consider school time. We don’t limit our learning to certain times during the day and so all the activities seem to blend in with our day to day life. But here are some things that stick out in my mind when I talk to other’s about what the girls are doing.

Tallest Book in the Library

We decided to try doing some of the library adventures that I posted last week. This is the tallest book in the library, about Abraham Lincoln, which led to discussion about how we as humans evolve and most people back then were smaller than today’s population. We found many interesting books that were pretty big, mostly maps and natural history books!

first library card

Look who got her first library card! Miss Amelia was super excited about having her very own library card to load up with books.

science timeGabby got this really cool science kit called Disgusting Science from her Aunt Hana. Basically it is gross bacteria, snot, mold, farts… everything that she loves, lol.

We are in the midst of the first activity that involves growing bacteria that we have in our noses, mouth, armpits, and between sweaty toes… ick!

I showed Gabby photos of real bacteria that cause illness like pneumonia and fever, she was fascinated.

dance classAnd then of course we have the weekly dance classes.

Amelia is loving dance, which I knew she would. She talks about her teacher non stop and is getting very excited about recital talk. =)

Next month all three girls start swimming lessons and we are talking about starting music lessons next school year for Gabby.

Everyone though has really been waiting for our co-op to start again… we have been on break for the last two months. Our friends are very missed!

So that’s what we have been up to, along with random nature hikes, physics lessons via Ski-Ball, and weekly zoo trips.

If you homeschool what is your day like?



This Is My Life

Sorry for the hiatus friends! These past couple of days have been filled with friends, fun, and celebrations. My oldest girl turned 8 years old… 8 years!!! I can’t believe it.

What started out as a simple get together to celebrate turned into a true party, complete with pizza, archery, and lots of food. Combine that with the fact that I have been battling bronchitis for the last week and my life has been a bit nutty. Cleaning, inviting, more cleaning, baking, and birthday girl shopping. It’s been a lot of fun though and most importantly- the birthday girl had a wonderful time. She loved hanging out with her friends and her very best friend got to sleep over… a treat for sure!

Having this party made me realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends, people who go out of their way to come and help us celebrate our girls special days. Gabby received the nicest gifts, everything that she is into and nothing that is princessey or overly girly. Everyone knows her well enough to know that art, crafts, and socks are what she is about. And although I have a pretty diverse group of friends, everyone had a great time talking and chasing kids. It truly was a lovely time.

Here is my favorite photo of Miss Eight Years Old!


Homeschooling Photobook

Well, another “school” year is over and it is time for Gabby’s portfolio review. One of my favorite thing about homeschooling in Ohio is the fact that your child has a choice between taking the standardized tests or having a portfolio review. So kids who do not test well or prefer to demonstrate their knowledge a specific way can do so. And there is no specific way stated that a portfolio has to look or be done… it is totally open ended!

Our reviewer is a fellow unschooler, something that is important to me since we do not do workbooks or a certain curriculum. She only asked that we bring whatever we can gather in 5 minutes- a genius idea. At first glance you may think that this is too lenient of a request but in reality it is probably one of the truest assessments of a child’s learning environment. Are there books everywhere, maps, music, resources that encourage learning?  In 5 minutes I can gather library books, video games, my iPhone which has a favorite spelling game called Scribblenauts, art supplies, audiobooks… you get the idea.
One thing that I wanted to make was a photo book of Gabby’s year, the highlights that she can look back on for the year. It was so much fun looking at all that we did, saw, and made. Here are a few pages:

I love how this book turned out, seeing my oldest girl grow and change through the months. And making this book gave me a better idea on what I want to save and take pictures of for the upcoming school year.

Have a great day!

Keeping It Cool

Klint built a kid wash yesterday, which of course the kids loved since it has been in the 90’s the last week or so. It was really easy to put together and a huge hit! (Thank goodness for PVC pipes!)


Conversation of the week:

Me: “Gabby, why do you have a duck whistle in your purse?”

Gabby: “That’s not all I have! I also have a flashlight and some rope!”

Me: “Okkkk…. why do you have a duck whistle, a flashlight, and some rope in your purse?”

Gabby: “Well, you never know….”



Moira has been practicing going on the potty every day when she sees me go to the bathroom. She asks for toilet paper and everything!

I’m definitely ready to be done with the whole diaper thing so yay for an early interest in pottying!

I fully realize that this fascination may end tomorrow so I am just going to enjoy today and hope that she just prefers to be clean sooner than later!


Here are some fun links you may enjoy, have a great holiday and see you all back on Thursday!

love this… the world’s smallest postal service

I want to camp here… or heck, live here!

love this Mama & daughter moment and so thankful I have experienced the same

bored of your bedsheets? here are some different options!

children see everything we do- good or bad

this makes me want to chop all my hair off… almost!

would love to make these for my girls, love the color!!!

definitely making these for gifts, super cute and unique

Happy 4th of July!!!


Moving and Grooving

We are getting there… slowly but surely the packing is getting done and preparations are in full swing. Our poor garbage people aren’t too thrilled with us as our whole tree lawn was covered with clothes that we couldn’t donate and miscellaneous things that had seen better days. Today we bought the pretty grey comforter that I spotted on Target’s website as well as a LOT of paint. (I had no clue that paint was so expensive! About $150 for 4 gallons and a quart by Behr!)

The last couple days have been pretty good all in all. Klint has been on vacation and we enjoyed some yummy treats at Menchies…

At our homeschool co-op we learned about rainbows and made rainbows on skewers with fruit… the kids loved this activity!

This little girl, Esme, is the CUTEST little thing ever and belongs to my good friend Lili… love love love her!

and then today we did a lot of cool stuff like bowling at a birthday party!

Gabby really enjoyed this and actually asked if she could take lessons… I see my Buffalo bowling genes were passed on.

AJ also had a lot of fun, she got a kick out of wearing special shoes and was bummed she couldn’t keep them lol!

But I have to admit that the highlight of my day was buying paint… hopefully I will be just as cheerful Sunday night when it is all done!

We are painting our bedroom a pretty grey, Gabby’s room a turquoise and her bed a daffodil yellow, and the living room a lighter navy blue called Captain.

There ya have it! This is been my last couple of days… hectic but really enjoyable.

Cheers and more pics to come of our new house!

More Hair Cuts



Being a mommy to little girls I am very aware of the simple fact that everything I do is seen with impressionable little eyes, from how I feel about my body to how I dress.

Up until this point I just sort of go about my daily routines and if they have questions about what I do they ask,

“Mommy what are you putting on your face? What is that you are using on your eyelashes? What are Spanx?”

Last week when I cut my hair made more of an impression than I realized though,

both girls asked to get their hair cut on Tues!

Gabby has gorgeous thick hair that was past her shoulders and AJ has wispy thinner hair that had grown out of her pixie cut.

This is the after photo!


Cute right?!

Gabby’s haircut makes her seem so much older now and AJ no longer looks like a homeless orphan, lol.

They love it too because I am no longer chasing them around with rubber bands and a brush!

It was a pretty cool feeling when Gabby asked the stylist to cut her hair just like Mommy’s… very cool indeed!