My Crazy Life

How is everyone doing? I don’t know about you all, but I am SO ready for fall weather!! It has been so hot, humid, and just plain yuck here. I am ready for boots, scarves, cute hats, plaid jackets, colorful leaves, and pumpkin EVERYTHING!

But with fall comes the start of my crazy life… and I seriously mean crazy!! So this is what I am up to:

I am teaching 19 dance classes a week for Dancexcel. Yes, 19. I am so excited to meet all of my classes, and spread my love of dance to all my students.img_7202

Then I added another dance project called Reach Out and Dance. This is a program based on another called Rosie’s Theater Kids… Rosie as in Rosie O’Donnell. I get to go into public schools and teach school kids dance in place of their normal gym time. It is a really great project because I feel like it is giving back through my talents and it exposes kids to dance who don’t pay for classes at a studio.

AND earlier this month I auditioned for and was cast in a local production of Beauty and the Beast through a company called Mighty Goliath Productions. I am so excited because I am always on the production team end of musicals and it has been a very long time since I have been actually IN one! And even better, my co-worker/bride to my bridesmaid/partner in crime Miranda is also in it with me. She has never done a musical so this is a new experience for her, making it even more fun for me!

(We just ended our teaching night so forgive the sweatiness!)

Then aside from my crazy career, I also have not one for two homeschool co-ops- FLOW and Nature Rangers. And of course, playdates/field trips/reading/ meal planning/ cleaning/ zoo-keeping/ and life. Lol, and I didn’t even mention Klint and all of his schedule! img_7215



What does your crazy life look like? Lay it on me!



Swimmingly Along

Today was the start of swim lessons. To say that the girls were excited is an understatement.

IMG_2870 copy

Sassy, aren’t they! Moira couldn’t wait to get into the pool, she kept asking me to come with her and get in. I am so thankful that she is not scared of the water like a lot of other toddlers can be. AJ made friends right away with some of the other little girls waiting to get in while Gabby took it all in. I think Gabby is starting to feel a little self conscious in her suit so I am really being mindful not to pick at myself in mine, even though I am not the biggest fan of swim suit season, lol.

IMG_2871 copyI can’t stop looking at this photo…. they are getting so big so fast!

I’m looking forward to this new Tuesday routine of ours!


No School like Homeschool

It’s been a while since I posted about anything having to do with our little homeschool adventure… maybe because everyday, all the time, is what we consider school time. We don’t limit our learning to certain times during the day and so all the activities seem to blend in with our day to day life. But here are some things that stick out in my mind when I talk to other’s about what the girls are doing.

Tallest Book in the Library

We decided to try doing some of the library adventures that I posted last week. This is the tallest book in the library, about Abraham Lincoln, which led to discussion about how we as humans evolve and most people back then were smaller than today’s population. We found many interesting books that were pretty big, mostly maps and natural history books!

first library card

Look who got her first library card! Miss Amelia was super excited about having her very own library card to load up with books.

science timeGabby got this really cool science kit called Disgusting Science from her Aunt Hana. Basically it is gross bacteria, snot, mold, farts… everything that she loves, lol.

We are in the midst of the first activity that involves growing bacteria that we have in our noses, mouth, armpits, and between sweaty toes… ick!

I showed Gabby photos of real bacteria that cause illness like pneumonia and fever, she was fascinated.

dance classAnd then of course we have the weekly dance classes.

Amelia is loving dance, which I knew she would. She talks about her teacher non stop and is getting very excited about recital talk. =)

Next month all three girls start swimming lessons and we are talking about starting music lessons next school year for Gabby.

Everyone though has really been waiting for our co-op to start again… we have been on break for the last two months. Our friends are very missed!

So that’s what we have been up to, along with random nature hikes, physics lessons via Ski-Ball, and weekly zoo trips.

If you homeschool what is your day like?



The First Day of “School”

Today was a lovely little reminder of one of the finest pleasures of homeschooling… getting popular places like the zoo all to ourselves! We got to actually see the animals, including the most adorable baby rhino every- Juba, who was born July 1st… rhino’s aren’t the cutest animals but this little guy is pretty cute! Later in the afternoon we had some art, picked carrots from our little urban garden, and talked about DNA and evolution… not bad for a typical homeschool day!



ImageEven though we don’t do school at home, we manage to get in so many different subjects without really making a conscious effort to do so. It really works for us and I am so excited to see what we get into this year!