Project Life

I have a new obsession- Project Life!! I have dabbled in scrapbooking in the past but hated all the fussiness involved, cutting paper, gluing layout, ugh! Too many little bits in a house where little bits get lost. And once again, thanks to Pinterest, I am hooked on something more my style!

So basically Project Life is a scrapbooking system that streamlines, modernizes, and simplifies the who creation of an album. All the papers are sized appropriately, and sorted into collections. Everything is packaged together so you don’t have to wander the aisles looking for supplies. And did I mention how CUTE everything is?! Here are some of my favorite layouts:

Project Life // Ann-Marie Morris

credit- AnneMarieLoves

Project Life 2014 by MarthaBonneau at @Studio_Calico  | LLP Make Something Today transparency

credit- Studio Calico

Feeling Motivated and Creative

credit- HearthandMade

I really like clean, not too embellished layouts and that will make the process easier for me. I bought a super pretty yellow and white chevron album, the Project Life Core Kit, page protectors, and some pens. I plan on printing my own photos out so I actually hopped on Amazon and bought a photo printer so that I don’t have to depend on an outside source to print my photos. I can’t wait for my printer to get here so that I can start getting January’s pages done. =)

If anyone is interested, I have lots of layouts and graphics on my Project Life Pinterest board!

Capture the Gift

One of my goals this year is to capture the gift of my everyday life. Gratitude leads to happiness and I’m determined to have a very happy year. I received an early birthday present- a lovely little camera. Even though we have a DSLR I really wanted something that I can just stick in my purse or pocket, carrying a big camera isn’t easy with my monkey baby. I did a lot of research and the Canon Powershot ELPH 110H came up as being one of the best point and shoots available. =) Yay!

Isn’t it cute?! I’m super excited to see what daily crazy silliness I capture. I’m also interested in improving my photography skills. Photos like this encourage me. This is one of my Christmas presents, a set of beautiful pink vintage Pyrex bowls. I’m hoping to get a few more pieces for my birthday coming up.

So that is it, a simple attainable goal. An attitude of gratitude you might say. What are your self improvement goals for the year? Anything major?


Whoo what a week! It has been a little crazy here at Casa de Krebs with Valentine’s Day then Klint’s birthday, subbing for dance classes and the homeschool co-op. I love my crazy life, but sometimes I make silly choices, like staying up until 2:30am painting peg dolls to look like my family, lol! Thank goodness Klint was nice enough to let me take a nap…. =) How was your week? Anyone else ready for some green and sunshine?

Here are some quick links to get you going for the weekend:

I am totally crushing on these HUGE crepe paper wall flowers… love them and want to cover my house with them!

If you were wondering the secret to having wonderful, confident, intelligent children then check out this article… hint: PLAY!

I can’t wait to make these cool recycled robot faces with my homeschool art class.

Is anyone else going crazy for Dr.Seuss? I have been seeing tons of crafts on Pinterest like this, this, and this.

And here are some fun photos from the iPhone to share!

Happy Friday everyone!!

The Last Couple of Days…

{I turned 31… yikes! How did that happen?}

{We discovered a really cool store that has lots of fair trade items along with jewelry, clothes, and Buddhas}

{I got lots of really nice presents like this old copy of Little Women… I love books!}

{ Gabby has been working on writing her own stories}

{ Meanwhile AJ has been doing some workbooks, she wants to read so bad!}

{Not to mention plenty of time playing in the dollhouse with allllll the the Princesses}

{And of course, our weekly trip to the library… dressed as a dragon!}

That is what I have been up to the last couple of days… along with food, fun, trips, crafting, crocheting, photos, and dancing!

What have you been up to lately?

Color Palette Addiction

Isn’t it pretty? I have a serious addiction to making these color palettes. It is so much fun to take a photo of something amazing, maybe an inspiration for decorating, and pick out the colors that would compliment it. And they are sooooo easy to make if you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Here is another one I made last night:

I love that photo of the owl! And I could see me decorating a room of the house around it…. So how do you make these you ask? Well easy peasy! First, go here to The Coffeeshop Blog. She is a genius and you will be sucked into her realm of photo editing and templates for hours. But download the template she gives. Then open up the template in Photoshop or Elements. Then just put your main photo in there, click on the layer with the color box you want to fill, pick your color, and voila! A beautiful color palette. There are tons floating around Pinterest but I think it is more fun just making my own!

Here is my favorite I think:

Color palettes are really useful as well in seeing how colors look together for other things like outfits, quilts, party decorations… the possibilities are endless!

Photo an Hour

10:00, Sparkly Converse


11:00, AJ doing plies with her shadow


12:00, inside the elephant exhibit at the zoo


1:00, eating lunch at Ohio City Burrito


2:00, yarn shopping


3:00, driving home with Klint


4:00, cleaning up my messy dining room table!


5:00, baby loves watching Youtube


6:00, party nails!


7:00, Gabby helping with laundry


8:00, Ladies game night with some friends =)


9:00, wine and dip- yummo


10:00, Sleeping baby after a long day


11:00, reading before bed