20 of My Favorite Free Fonts

fontsI have been seeing all kinds of awesome fonts on blogs and website lately. I actually have to restrain myself from downloading more each day. But there are my favorites that are tried and true, and today felt like a good day to share them with you all. Have fun!

Cupcake    One Starry Night    Lemondrop

Matilde    Puppy Bellies   Crispy

Billo Dream   Sail    Things We Said

Dancing Script    Green Beans    Seriously

Lavenderia    Little Miss Priss   Stars From Our Eyes

Scribble Box   Jumpin’ Jack   I love What You Do

Reisling    Lobster

** Make sure to check out my other posts with MORE of my favorite fonts!!



31 thoughts on “20 of My Favorite Free Fonts

  1. Love the fonts!! Thank you sooo much for sharing. Curious which font you used for the 20. I LOVE the zero, think it would be fun to make jersey numbers for my daughters soccer team with the font you used on the number 20. Thanks!!!

    1. It is a font called Princetown, which is free. I believe I got it from fontspace but you should be able to google it and find it! Thanks for stopping by! =)

  2. I just have questions, I love your fonts but when I went to down load my computer gave me a warning it could harm my computer. Do you know why it would say that and is your website save?
    thanks for your help

    1. Some of them came with warnings on my computer as well but they have all been fine for me. Most of the time it is your malware over protecting. =)

    1. I had that too when I moved the ‘File Type’ Compressed folder and dragged it to my fonts folder. But after I clicked OK on the warning, it transferred it anyways.

  3. Thank you for sharing these adoreable fonts. I am new to using fonts and I was wondering if you can tell me how to use them on my computer. I have downloaded them but cant figure out how to get them onto my documents.

    1. Once you download them you have to install them onto your computer. Simply double click on the ttf. file and there should be a prompt to install it. Or you can locate your font folder and drag the proper files in there. Hope this helps!!

  4. Once I download them, how do I get them into my wordpress so I can use them there? Or, is this not possible?

  5. Love your font list!!!!!! Could you please tell me what you mean by the last comment you made to carmical
    Which setting to you have to buy and where do you get it? I appreciate your help. I’m trying too help my mother with her blog when I don’t have one myself!

    1. Hi! What I meant is that for WordPress users, in order to use fonts other than those given in the chosen layout, you have to purchase the Custom Design upgrade from the store. If you are a Blogger user than you can go into the HTML and change the font manually usually. =) Hope this helps!

  6. Hello, I am going to try to these with my original cricut expression. I was told for years I Cld only use bought catridges and I just found out that may not be true. I am so excited do you have any tips thanks

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