My Style

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on Pinterest, looking at clothes and such, trying to find my perfect new purse. In doing so I’ve come across hundreds of collections of outfits created by people on Polyvore- a fashion and beauty site. Polyvore allows people to create sets of clothes, beauty items, home decor, etc, and is SUPER addicting.

So of course I had to jump in!

I love the creative process of putting together outfits without the limitations of silly things like budgets and money. Being able to pair a pair of jeans from American Eagle with a blouse from Anthropologie or Lucky is refreshing. I also love seeing all the choices right there in front of me, in the color or style I am looking for.

Here are some of my creations, which do you like?

You can see all of my sets here! (If there is a set that you like, you can see the items and where to get it under the set)

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An App About YOU

I am a sucker for apps, especially apps that make my life better in some way. I have apps to keep me organized, apps to make my phone pretty, and apps to make my photos rock! Apps are a part of technology that I really enjoy.

Another thing I really enjoy are hot chefs… namely Mr. Jamie Oliver…. yummy!

Jamie Oliver

It just so happens that Jamie Oliver created an app, released on New Year’s Day this year, that I really think is a must for everyone. It is called YOU and this is their manifesto:

We believe in micro-action. Change rarely just happens overnight. Your life is the sum of all those small actions you take every day, and every choice you make is significant. We want to empower you to make change happen – one action at a time.

Your life is not a number or a dashboard – it’s not how many steps you walked, how many calories you ate or your place on the leaderboard. Life is richer – it’s feelings, moments, shared experiences! Life is enjoying every victory, celebrating balance and showing vulnerability. Life is being perfectly imperfect.

Isn’t that just awesome? I love that it isn’t about making drastic changes quickly but about the small changes adding up over time.

So far I’ve completed quite a few micro actions and look forward to opening the app everyday to see what my “assignment” is. This is a sample of what you may find:


I love seeing everyone else’s take on the action, since it is pretty open to interpretation many times. And you can get followers and follow others who are also on the journey with you. So check it out here and join me (my username is ConnieKrebs)

Stick with us for one minute per day, and we’ll help you help yourself live a happier, more fulfilled life. Because small things matter.

This Just Pinned

Even if my blogging is sporadic at best, I am a pretty faithful Pinner. I am constantly on there looking at colors, crafts, nail designs, hairstyles, and more! Here are some fun things that I just pinned. =) Enjoy!

PinnedI am kind of obsessing about these purple and grey tones. They are on my nails right now and I smile every time I glance down. This palette is exactly the kind of shades I wanted. I am also entranced and obsessed with this Easy shop and specifically this tee shirt… I am pretty sure that I would never change out of it. Take a look around and you will be in love too!

I am thinking about getting another tattoo (I am slightly concerned that I will not stop getting tattoos) and this time I want something to celebrate my love of felines. I want something soft and subtle on the back of my neck, a watercolor tattoo. This is the closest thing I have found to what I am looking for and perfect for me since I love black cats.

We have been playing with polymer clay lately and I have just pinned a bunch of really fun charms to make like these pretty books. A little more sophisticated, this clever little clay house hides a small incense cone that lets smoke through the chimney. I can’t wait to make one!

Around my birthday I always contemplate a hair cut or change… I really like this simple chin length bob with bangs. (However, my hair gets pretty oily quickly and it ends up looking stringy and blah!) It’s still fun to look around.

I keep adding to my reading list…. I don’t think I can read enough. Check out my Book Board here!

Money Smarts

One of my goals this year is to get a real hold on our family finances. We have made a lot of dumb choices in the past and while we have learned from those mistakes there is a lot that I know we could improve on. Getting the kids on board with cutting back on expenses is part of this goal so I decided to create some printables to help the girls actually see how savings and spending works.

The girls have jobs that are non-paying as they are for the good of the family as well as paid jobs. While Gabby is very good at saving her money, she often forgets how much she has. And Amelia lets money run out of her hand like water, more often because she doesn’t have a saving goal in mind.

Feel free to save these for your own use and let me know how they work for your family!

Allowance Sheet blank Family Job Sheet Goal Sheet Paid Jobs Sheet

My 2015 Reading List

Happy New Year everyone!! Here is my reading list for 2015 and I can’t wait to get started. I got some books for Christmas and am almost done with them so I needed to find some new ones. I’m super excited to read these as they were highly recommended on a variety of other reading lists. Do you have any good book suggestions?

Book List

1. Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall

2. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

3. I Forgot to Remember by Su Meck

4. The Second Life of Abigail Walker by Frances O’Roark Dowell

5. Love Stories of World War II by Larry King

6. Summerset Abbey by T.J. Brown

In True Fashion

Another year is closing and I refuse to let a depressing, sad, down and out post be the last post of the year. I’m not built that way and although some days I wish I wasn’t so “sunny-side up”, today I am making the choice to revel in the good and happy.

So here are my faves of 2014:


Other faves include:

Favorite Song- Superhero by Tim McMorris

Favorite Book- The Dark Witch (series) by Nora Roberts

Favorite Drink- apple pie smoothie!!! (apple cider or juice, apple pie yogurt, ice)

Favorite Article of Clothing- Mint Hoodie from Aerie

Favorite TV show- Chicago Fire (mmmm….firefighters!)

Favorite App- Spotify… seriously this music app has changed my life!


Well that was then…. now onto a GREAT 2015! Much love to you all and a very happy New Year!


Apparently I have a blog…

Why is it that I only remember that I have this space when my life is in utter turmoil? It is like a secret blanket that is there for me when life gets chilly, but not really needed when the weather is warm.

So, what drove me back here, to my refuge, to my space that is selfishly mine alone?

Where to begin? First I have my sister, who has been estranged from me for years, who was arrested last week for house burglaries with her husband. They are both drug addicts and this has not been her first run in with the law. Even though we don’t talk I still am sad that this is what her life has come to. Heroin, meth, opiates… the list goes on. She is the product of a failed foster system, a broken system that left her behind and in the hands of people that cared about the money given for taking care of a neglected girl. It deeply saddens me.

Topping this off is the trouble that my husband and I are having with his depression. He has had it our whole marriage, is genetically predisposed to mental illness, and it is taking a toll on our relationship. When he is not depressed everything is fine, life is rosy and we merrily bump along. But those periods are far and few between. Instead, the majority of the time I have a partner who is checked out of this family. He see everyone and everything around him as a burden to be suffered instead of seeing what he really has in front of him. Tonight was a doozy, complete with nasty tidbits hurled my way ranging from the fact “I always get to do what ever I want and have fun all the time” to once again harping on my love (and the girls’ love) of the pets. *The “do whatever I want” part was referring to me taking the girls to the museums and arranging playdates with other homeschoolers. Apparently me having fun with the kids is just offensive.

Le sigh. And this is why I came running back, with open arms, to my beloved blog. A place to vent, to write, to send my thoughts into space where hopefully answers and knowledge will come back to me.

The depression is the big thing. I don’t want the rest of my life to be about me barely staying afloat mentally, while being a caregiver and not a wife. But I am not ready to give up and tear our family apart just yet.

Well, tomorrow is another day and hopefully a better one. Maybe I will come back and share some of the fun that has been going on around here? We shall see! Until then dear friends, thank you for listening to me. =) ~Connie