Thoughts While Driving To Buffalo

I drive to the Western NY area frequently because that is where I am from and where my family still lives (despite me pestering everyone to move to the great state of Ohio!). It is only about 3.5 hours from Cleveland to WNY, an easy drive on one highway that is often very picturesque. But because I have been an Ohioan for all my adult life, there are a lot of differences that I am starting to see between my two home states, and because I have a lot of time to think, here is a running train of thought from this past weekend’s drive:

  • Why do people from Ohio ride your tail, when it is so much easier to just go around the slow people?
  • Do people in Ohio think I am a crazy driver because I change lanes so much?
  • I wish that more people would know about the greatness of Aunt Rosie’s Loganberry…
  • … and Salem HotDogs…
  • …. and serving blue cheese, carrots, and celery with wings, no matter where you get them from.
  • I forgot how much Canadian money gets mixed into the US money when in WNY.
  • OMG I forgot how much better KISS 98.5 is than most of the Cleveland stations!!
  • Does anyone every get offended by the big Native American statue in Irving? 611115_1
  • Why is there a radio commercial for a strip club for women airing at 5pm? Oh great, now I have to explain what that is because AJ got excited thinking it was a candy store… (The commercial was for Peppermints, in Canada)
  • The malls here are so crowded! It’s like everyday is Black Friday at the Walden Galleria! Don’t you people have someplace to be?!
  • Beef on weck… I need to introduce this to Cleveland!rfl_x176
  • I’m starting to think I only come back home for the food…
  • Why is gas so much more in NY? Seriously people, it’s over a $.50 difference most times!
  • Ok, I’m starting to think I drive more like an Ohioan now, people are flying by me!
  • When people say “the city” here I automatically think Cleveland now, not NYC or Buffalo.
  • No carwash beats Delta Sonic… best car washes ever!
  • Holy Cow the Boulevard is crowded! When the heck did all these shopping plazas get put in?!
  • I think I am spoiled by the lack of people everywhere in Cleveland… our malls and major roads are barren in comparison!
  • People are actually talking to me about Cleveland like being from there is an awesome thing… that’s a change!
  • I can’t wait to get back home, where I know the roads and suburbs better, driving here is way stressful!

So that is a little peek into my brain when I am driving in NY… all of that in about a minute or so! For those of you who have moved states, is it a culture shock for you to go home ever?



Like the Air

Music is a very constant, very big presence in my life. It is like the air I breathe, always there, even if I am not conscious of it at times. I have a constant stream of something going on in the background of my mind, until I bring something else to the front. Currently I am choreographing a musical, Bye Bye Birdie, and because of this there is a lot of the soundtrack playing. (I have to watch how much I listen to this before I go to bed or else I can be assured that my dreams will be tinged with “I love You Conrad” and “Got A Lot of Livin’ to Do”!)

My musical tastes run far and deep. In one playlist I can go from something simple and girly from the era of Dawson’s Creek to a boot stomping country song, a hot latin dance mix, and round it off with a metal version of “Let It Go”! The only music I really don’t care for is really violent rap like ICP. Anything else is fair game. Luckily for me Spotify, my music app of choice, allows me to make as many playlists as I want and I am constantly building new collections based on themes, dance classes I am teaching, and projects. So I thought I would share a few songs that I am listening to more than others, some because I really want to choreograph to them and others because they are so much fun to song in the car to. =)

What is your favorite genre of music? Your favorite song (currently)? A playlist on Spotify you enjoy?

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 7.47.20 PM


A Little More Love

Font love that is!!! I have been on the hunt for more fonts, especially because I have been creating invitations and posters for many people lately. I love contrasting fonts in a design and am always in need of new and exciting ways to express words. (I also have a love of pretty words that should be used more often, hence my theme for the font list!) All of these fonts are free for personal use, but please check what commercial options are available before using them in that way. 

font love



{Angelface} • {Bakery} • {Dawning of a New Day} • {Bromello} • {Happily Ever After}

{Pastis} • {The Cats Whiskers} • {Great Vibes} • {Halo Handletter} • {Lilly Belle}

{Little Days} • {Lovers Quarrel} • {Magnolia Sky} • {Marmellata Jam} • {Springtime Blues}

{Peach Sundress} • {Penelope Anne} • {Qaskin} • {Shorelines}


Let’s Talk About Addiction…

…my LulaRoe addiction…. (You didn’t think this was actually going to be a serious post did you?!) But seriously guys, I have an addiction to LulaRoe…


It all started innocently enough. I am a dance teacher and pretty much live in leggings. I typically stick to black leggings and then pair them with some kind of fun top. However I saw a really cool shirt on Pinterest, a baseball tee with a pattern on the sleeves and a solid middle. I had seen a similar shirt on Penny from The Big Bang Theory and I really liked how it looked on her. So I saw a friend was having a party and bought a shirt called the Randy.

I joined the consultant’s group on Facebook and kept on seeing crazy leggings in wild patterns, patterns that I would NEVER want on my not too small behind. People were going CRAZY for these!!!


And then there was this word being thrown around….


Unicorn???? What the hell?? (Stage 8 of the addiction) So I did some research… and came across these babies….


I saw and pic and fell in LOOOOOOVE!!! I adore all things stars, I have a constellation tattoo, and I love going to the science and natural history museums. So yeah, had to have them… but they are unicorns which means to get them I had to go to good ol’ eBay and pay… well a LOT more than the usual $25/legging price. (Stage 11; Klint just about flipped out on me so I had to explain the whole “unicorn” and buttery soft legging thing) But once I put them on I was hooked!


This led to a downward spiral of leggings, including raccoon faces, fruit, flowers, stars & stripes, tropical birds… and my faves: pineapples!!!! (I’m pretty sure these make my days brighter!)


Well, of course I had to go to a real party and see these magical leggings along with their friends Amelia, Irma, Maxi, and more, with every intention of buying just ONE pair of leggings MAYBE… let’s just say I was glad that I had gotten paid that day!


Yep, that’s my face when the pretty packages start arriving…. total innocence. Lol, anyhow it was obvious I am a fan of all things LulaRoe so I did what any normal woman does in this position- brainstorming ways to afford more LulaRoe! Here, sadly, the addiction has to stop because there is no way I can be a LulaRoe consultant… why you ask? This is why:

I own a zoo and people don’t want pet hair all over these pretty clothes. (On a side note, the leggings are pretty resistant to pet hair sticking to them, a big bonus for me!)

So I will just have to pay for my habit the traditional way and be satisfied scrolling though the many, many, MANY Facebook groups that I belong to. And that is the story of my addiction, which I have tried to curb but….



Favorite Friday

I thought that on Fridays I could feature some things that I am loving on, especially because my tastes change with the seasons usually! So without further adieu here are my Friday Favorites!


{favorite drink}


{favorite cake- Pineapple Upside Down Cake}


{favorite face moisturizer}


{favorite bedroom}



{favorite jewelry}


{favorite haircut}


{favorite lipgloss}

So there you go!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


10 Happy Things


Here are some things that really make me happy:

  1. Golden doodles: How can you NOT be happy looking at this dog? I am in love with their silly personalities and cheerful expressions!
  2. The Adventures of George Washington: Seriously, nothing is better than taking old photos, art, etc and sticking funny captions on them. This is one of my favorites-2c9546e597456cf2824b4653a2c37cff
  3. Hamilton: I am jamming out to this phenomenon of a musical 24/7 and even the girls are singing along… Moira’s favorite character is King George, especially when he gets all pouty that we won the war, lol! Here is their performance from the Tony Awards this year… it is AMAZING!
  4. This manicure: There’s just something about the blues and the constellation lines that make me so happy! (I couldn’t find this post but here is the blog from the nail artist) 49a84bc86d6128db41076f0e3ab627e2
  5. The “Pink Drink” from Starbucks: Who can be sad when sipping this pink lovely? Bonus points for being healthy too! IMG_6183
  6. LulaRoe Leggings: OMG, I can write a novel about why I love LulaRoe and how happy it makes me. Here are some pics of my favorite pairs, including the pair Moira and I wore for the 4th of July!
  7. Reading the newest book from Nora Roberts- Bay of Sighs: If you are looking for an easy read full of romance and danger, this is the one for you! The second in the series was just released and it is sooooo wonderful! You can buy your copy on Amazon or listen to it on Audible!

  8. Fake eyelashes: yes, that is right… fake eyelashes make me happy! It is silly and superficial, but I love how my eyes look with them on and I wear them out and about when I feel fancy! My favorites are these pretties from House of Lashes Tinkerbell collection… so very pixie!
  9. Kitties… kitties always make me happy. If all my days were filled with cats I would be a happy lady! This is our youngest guy, Pixel, who is about 9 months old! IMG_5331
  10. Braids: As a little girl I always had my hair in braids, a la Laura Ingalls Wilder. I loved how curly my hair felt after I took them out or how my grandma would put bows at the bottom of them. Now I get to braid my own daughter’s hair and it makes me very very happy! IMG_6211Hopefully I have inspired you all to thing about your own happiness and find some joy in the little things in life. Cheers!


Rainbow Bagels!!!


OMG you guys!!!!!! I made my very own bagels!!!! And not only are they oh so yummy but they are colorful and pretty!! I was really scared to try this because of how time intensive it is, but it really wasn’t and the taste is so amazing.

I first saw rainbow bagels on Instagram from a bakery in NYC, drooled over them, but resigned myself to the fact that they were only to be seen. Then I saw this tutorial on Rosanna Pansino’s YouTube channel, Nerdy Nummies.  And while I love Ro’s tutorials, this particular one looked like it was an all day event… time is not something I usually have in spades. So to Pinterest I went!

There are TONS of great tutorials for how to make Rainbow Bagels so I chose the one that had good pictures and didn’t require any weirdo ingredients. I settled on this one from MomDot and will definitely be using it again and again!

I followed the directions exactly (a first for me!) as far as ingredients, although I only did 4 colors instead of 6, and they turned out soon beautifully and were so much tastier than the grocery store versions. I’m going to make some more and try some other color combos and maybe add edible glitter… no matter what they are definitely magical!