What I Do When I Am Child-Free

My three girls went to NY for the weekend to have some quality time with my family. I met my mom in PA on Friday and am picking them up on Sunday afternoon. This has never happened while I was off of work,┬áprobably because I am only off of work once a year basically. When my mom asked to have the girls for the weekend my mind raced with the endless possibilities as to what I would do not only child-free but also off of work. Shopping, binge watching Gilmore Girls, lounging with a margarita, gardening… what to do??

Well this is what I did:

  1. I came home and promptly realized that Amelia and Moira’s room is a complete disaster area.┬áSeriously, these two girls are dirt collecting, stuffed animal hoarding, clothes piling little fiends wrapped up in cuteness. So not only did I clean their room but I rearranged it so that the beds and the dresser have new homes.
  2. Well because I cleaned up the hoarders, I mean my darling daughters’, room I had piles of laundry to do so I started some, cleaned up around the washer and dryer, wiped down the table where the cats eat, threw out some empty containers.. ya know, lol, just went down to do laundry!
  3. I cooked myself a yummy dinner of dill tilapia and broccoli, while that was cooking I did the dishes, cleaned the counters, and tidied up the kitchen.
  4. I finally realized that it was late and no more cleaning was required. So I binge watched some Gilmore Girls and painted my nails, then went to bed.
  5. Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to lots and lots of dog puke. Apparently Spooky had an upset stomach… enough said. Big dogs equal lots and lots of puke.
  6. I headed to Target (yay!!!) for some more cleaning supplies and to browse at my leisure while being kid-free. It was glorious. Made even more glorious by the iced coconut milk mocha macchiato.
  7. Came home and gave the dogs water… which ended up with more puke… ugh!
  8. Klint and I then headed out to run some errands and eat lunch at one of my favorite places- Slymans… how did I not know how awesome corned beef is until recently? I managed to convince Klint to take me to Michaels and Anthropologie too while we were out so major win!
  9. We came home, Klint had to go to bed for work, and I decided to cook Spooky some chicken broth and rice. (My tried and true solution to dog puke)
  10. My final act of the night was cleaning out my awesome blue Ikea cart and organizing it. It was a mishmash of nail polish, Posh products, craft supplies… topped with cat hair.

Here are some pics of my adventures… not the puke because that would be gross!

Tomorrow is my last morning child-free…. who knows what I will do?!



Happy Easter

spookydooHappy Easter!

(Doesn’t Spooky look pitiful with the ears on? Lol!)

We went to lunch with family and had a lovely egg hunt.

The girls are sugared out on the little bit of candy that they got and everyone is pretty happy.

I hope that your day was happy and bright.


blog easter

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Miss Holly says Merry Christmas!!

This is Holly. I rescued her from a very high kill pound here in Ohio. I don’t know her story, how she ended up there or what her former home was like, but I know that someone lost out on a truly wonderful dog. She will eventually go to live with my aunt in NY (who is getting her cats behavior therapy as they are dog aggressive we found out yesterday) but for now she is all mine. =) This gorgeous dog is completely housebroken, cat/kid/dog/bunny friendly, and a joy to have around the house. Her only fault? She is completely deaf. Definitely not something I expected but a new challenge as she has yet to learn commands like sit and no. Check back for more posts on her progress as training a deaf dog is both new to me and interesting.


I hope that each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday season! This year was not what I had hoped it would be, there were plenty of tragedies and heartaches. But there was also great joy and at the end of the day I am so very lucky. I am grateful for all my friends, my job which I am in love with, and of course my husband and children. I have high hopes for next year, am planning on trying another 365 project, and am turning the page on 2012. Enjoy your families and celebrate all the things in your life you cherish. See you all soon!