Hair Chalking 101

Pinterest has a way of inspiring me to do things that I may not think to do simply because the photos I see are so awesome. Well today we tried some hair chalking!

This is a super easy, fun, and cheap way to add temporary color to your hair and it works whether your hair is light or dark. Gabby has been asking me for a long time to give her pink hair, although this is the look she really wants, so chalking was a cool way for her to see what colored hair is like. To say she loved it is an understatement!

Here are some tips and tricks for chalking your own hair:

  • Use soft pastels, not oil pastels. We got a nice set from Michaels for $5 and the colors are awesome!
  • If your hair is light don’t use water unless you want colored hair for a few days. Dark hair needs to be damp before rubbing the chalk because the pigment needs to be more saturated.
  • Wear gloves, do it outside or with a cloth under you, and know that some chalk may rub off on clothes.
  • Condition your hair when you go to wash the chalk out, it will make your hair drier so don’t do it too often.
  • Using a hot iron after your newly chalked hair is dry will make the color last longer. (No chalk came off on my iron, but that’s not to say none will come off on yours)
  • Use more than one color on a strand for a really cool effect.
  • The best part of chalking your hair is styling it in braids and updos, have fun with the colors!!!!

This is what the colors look like on Gabby and AJ’s hair!











Fun huh? I can’t wait to do some stripes on my my own hair, I’m thinking pink and blue!


2 thoughts on “Hair Chalking 101

  1. That’s so cool! BTW, when Milo saw the pictures of the girls at the top of your blog, he said “I want to see those guys IN PERSON!!” LOL! 🙂

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