Things I am loving…

Hi everyone! Here are some things that I am seriously loving this week!


I am in love with @bodyposipanda!!! She is so full of positivity and color, self-love and body positivity education. She is brave, brilliant, and truly inspirational. I have been having a hard time lately loving my body and I need people like this in my life to pull me out of this hate cycle.


Galaxy lollipops… seriously guys, these are amazing looking!!!


I am interested in learning how to use nail stamps and these are so pretty and perfect for me. You can find these stamping plates here but definitely check out all the other designs that this website has to offer. BONUS: They have the very coveted Nail Chrome powder that people are losing their minds over!

I have been looking for some new workouts to do and I am really loving this series of dance fitness videos by RefitRevolution!


Once again Anthropologie makes me contemplate on how I can afford basically everything in their store! This candle smells divine!


One of my favorite songs from Hamilton is “Schuyler Sisters” and the girls sing along with me. I think that this is an awesome sweatshirt for someone who loves Hamilton!


I am pretty obsessed with this oil slick hair… it may be the next thing I do to change up my look!

Ok, that is it for today! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!



Weekend Faves


I am kind of obsessed with this song. I am auditioning for a musical on Tuesday and needed to choose something in the style of the musical, a Disney musical, so I went for something outside of the box and in my voice range. (There are tons of deleted Disney songs if you are curious)


As a glasses wearing girl (at least on non-sunny days, of which there are plenty of in Cleveland) I have quite a collection. I use my vision insurance to pay for contacts and then buy my glasses online at places like and typically, but has definitely caught my eye with their low prices. These in particular really make my heart go pitter patter! Check them out here!

bullet journal

I finally got my bullet journal up and going and I love it! I love how it’s super flexible and yet keeps me on top of my goals and tasks. More pics to come soon I am sure!


I need this sweet little pin… actually there’s a lot of things in this awesome shop that I need!


OMG you guys…. Unicorn Ice Cream!!! I saw this recipe on Facebook and knew that I had to make it with the girls… after all, we are all about rainbow food and unicorns.  😉  The recipe is super easy, like I’m pretty sure anyone can make this. And it is soooooo yummy! Check it out here!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


This Just Pinned


Here are some things that I have pinned this week!


Apparently some 90’s fashion trends are making a comeback and one that I am excited for are pretty, silky camisole tops. I love the color of this top and paired with a pair of jeans it will look hot!


There is something about this artist’s work that just speaks to my heart. It is light and happy, colorful and full of positivity! Did I mention she also makes greeting cards?! You can find her shops here and here!


I have been tossing around the idea of getting another tattoo, this time on my foot. I love this simple but eye-catching mermaid inspired design, plus I can play with the colors!!


On that note, I have been also been trying to resist the urge to chop all my hair off. Really trying… isn’t this so cute?! It is perfect and and oh so cute for my face and hair type. But I am lazy and love tossing my hair up in a bun when it’s misbehaving so I will just keep pinning cool hairstyles on Pinterest.


The only thing I love more than Hamilton are jokes involving the Hamilton cast, especially King George!


I adore all things strawberry and have been thinking about making something similar to this for myself as a lap blanket. It would be so warm and lovely!

So there ya go! And of course I still and pinning tons of pics of Goldendoodles so I will just leave you here with this!



Let’s Talk About Addiction…

…my LulaRoe addiction…. (You didn’t think this was actually going to be a serious post did you?!) But seriously guys, I have an addiction to LulaRoe…


It all started innocently enough. I am a dance teacher and pretty much live in leggings. I typically stick to black leggings and then pair them with some kind of fun top. However I saw a really cool shirt on Pinterest, a baseball tee with a pattern on the sleeves and a solid middle. I had seen a similar shirt on Penny from The Big Bang Theory and I really liked how it looked on her. So I saw a friend was having a party and bought a shirt called the Randy.

I joined the consultant’s group on Facebook and kept on seeing crazy leggings in wild patterns, patterns that I would NEVER want on my not too small behind. People were going CRAZY for these!!!


And then there was this word being thrown around….


Unicorn???? What the hell?? (Stage 8 of the addiction) So I did some research… and came across these babies….


I saw and pic and fell in LOOOOOOVE!!! I adore all things stars, I have a constellation tattoo, and I love going to the science and natural history museums. So yeah, had to have them… but they are unicorns which means to get them I had to go to good ol’ eBay and pay… well a LOT more than the usual $25/legging price. (Stage 11; Klint just about flipped out on me so I had to explain the whole “unicorn” and buttery soft legging thing) But once I put them on I was hooked!


This led to a downward spiral of leggings, including raccoon faces, fruit, flowers, stars & stripes, tropical birds… and my faves: pineapples!!!! (I’m pretty sure these make my days brighter!)


Well, of course I had to go to a real party and see these magical leggings along with their friends Amelia, Irma, Maxi, and more, with every intention of buying just ONE pair of leggings MAYBE… let’s just say I was glad that I had gotten paid that day!


Yep, that’s my face when the pretty packages start arriving…. total innocence. Lol, anyhow it was obvious I am a fan of all things LulaRoe so I did what any normal woman does in this position- brainstorming ways to afford more LulaRoe! Here, sadly, the addiction has to stop because there is no way I can be a LulaRoe consultant… why you ask? This is why:

I own a zoo and people don’t want pet hair all over these pretty clothes. (On a side note, the leggings are pretty resistant to pet hair sticking to them, a big bonus for me!)

So I will just have to pay for my habit the traditional way and be satisfied scrolling though the many, many, MANY Facebook groups that I belong to. And that is the story of my addiction, which I have tried to curb but….



My Style

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on Pinterest, looking at clothes and such, trying to find my perfect new purse. In doing so I’ve come across hundreds of collections of outfits created by people on Polyvore- a fashion and beauty site. Polyvore allows people to create sets of clothes, beauty items, home decor, etc, and is SUPER addicting.

So of course I had to jump in!

I love the creative process of putting together outfits without the limitations of silly things like budgets and money. Being able to pair a pair of jeans from American Eagle with a blouse from Anthropologie or Lucky is refreshing. I also love seeing all the choices right there in front of me, in the color or style I am looking for.

Here are some of my creations, which do you like?

You can see all of my sets here! (If there is a set that you like, you can see the items and where to get it under the set)

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Vacation Packing

We leave to go on a very important family vacation soon and everyone is super excited! My best friend is getting married ***SQWEE!!!*** and all three girls are in her wedding. As you can imagine, packing for a week long vacation with three kids, in questionable weather, is quite a challenge. Especially when there is such an important occasion involved. So of course I turned to Pinterest for some packing inspiration, which is my version of Google, lol. First I found a few lists which were…ok. They just listed the items, not really giving a quantity or reasons why. Then I came across this article which was pretty epic. This woman packed one medium suitcase, one backpack, and one messenger back for a SIX MONTH trip across Europe!!!! OMG!!!

I loved not only the actual list but also the reasons for what she packed because I am so unsure about the weather. Here it is 60 and sunny one day and then the entire city closes down because of blizzards and single digit wind chills. So I am trying to pack things that can be layered, things that are comfortable to sight see in, and to wear in the car. These are the items that I came up with, along with the usual undergarments, makeup and toiletries, gadgets and gizmos. Whew!! But at least it is a start!!

Favorite Pins of the Week

Are you obsessed with Pinterest too? What favorite pins have you pinned this past week? Follow my boards here!

Unikitty Lego Nail Art!

Isn’t this UniKitty mani ADORABLE?!

Cute Neon Polka Dot Animals. Free Desktop / Computer Wallpaper background with a positive motivational quote.  #kids #kid

This is my new desktop wallpaper

pinterest page idea for project life. Awesome idea!!

My Pinterest LIfe album needs some Pinterest love!

Love the cut

This is what I want my pixie to grow out into!

Did this with all jumbo lego and put the first clue to a treasure hunt on the steps. It was a big hit.

I think the girls will love making this Leprechaun Trap

Spring fashion- mint! #mint #spring #fashion

My new favorite color combo for Spring, in a pretty outfit