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It Must Be Halloween

My little witch peeking in the woods!

Every year we get more and more into Halloween. I love dressing up, the face painting, choosing the perfect costume, and watching the girls plan their own special look. It is something that we look forward to all year long. This year we decided to do a Halloween photo shoot instead of getting dark and blurry photos of the girls at night. I always lament and the dimly lit photos taken in haste, amidst children who are practically vibrating from the sugar!

This year the girls went pretty simple with their costume choices, thankfully! I however, decided that I wanted to be a peacock and after getting nauseated by the price and style of the choices in the Halloween stores (sexy peacock?! ick!) I put together my own costume. I bought the mask and wings separate, and made my tutu- something that will be able to be used by the girls for either dress up play of for their own costume next year! I must say that my little one makes an adorable baby unicorn as well!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot:

Gabby Cat says Meow!

Mommy peacock and baby unicorn!
This peacock does ballet!
Back of the peacock costume- Wings are from Target, mask is from a local craft store, the tutu is made from 6 rolls of tulle!

I’m super happy with the photos and can’t wait to get even more photos of the girls in costume!

Spooky Halloween Fun

Ok! Enough talk of seriousness!!

Here are some fun and spooky Halloween ideas for you and the kids!

1. Made this for AJ’s party and it was a HUGE hit!

2. In love with fall leaves

3. So simple mouse motel!!!

4. Bat o’ lanterns!

5. Love these cuties!

6. Owls are perfect for fall…

7. Yummo and healthy!

8.Candy corn rice crispy treats!!!

So there you have it, some new and fun things to make your Halloween a little spookier! Enjoy!!


When Craftiness Goes Wrong

Do you ever get a picture in your head of something and then when you try to make it a reality it goes woefully wrong? Usually it isn’t a problem for me… I can see things, take them apart in my head, and then recreate them pretty easily. However, there are times….

Remember this project?

Well, I decided to do something similar, but with a fall twist since I am replacing all of our decorations. In my head I imagined using a whole bunch of brown crayons on a tall canvas, melting them like the other project but letting the drips look like branches. Then I would glue faux leaves onto the branches and viola! a wonderful fall tree scene! But… what I didn’t count on was the wax not behaving and splattering all over the canvas… leaving my “trunk” looking more like, well smeared poo!

I just couldn’t move forward with the project with the poo-ish looking trunk! So see, even the most craftiest people can make crap- literally! Well, back to the drawing board… =)