Things I am loving…

Hi everyone! Here are some things that I am seriously loving this week!


I am in love with @bodyposipanda!!! She is so full of positivity and color, self-love and body positivity education. She is brave, brilliant, and truly inspirational. I have been having a hard time lately loving my body and I need people like this in my life to pull me out of this hate cycle.


Galaxy lollipops… seriously guys, these are amazing looking!!!


I am interested in learning how to use nail stamps and these are so pretty and perfect for me. You can find these stamping plates here but definitely check out all the other designs that this website has to offer. BONUS: They have the very coveted Nail Chrome powder that people are losing their minds over!

I have been looking for some new workouts to do and I am really loving this series of dance fitness videos by RefitRevolution!


Once again Anthropologie makes me contemplate on how I can afford basically everything in their store! This candle smells divine!


One of my favorite songs from Hamilton is “Schuyler Sisters” and the girls sing along with me. I think that this is an awesome sweatshirt for someone who loves Hamilton!


I am pretty obsessed with this oil slick hair… it may be the next thing I do to change up my look!

Ok, that is it for today! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!



This Just Pinned

Even if my blogging is sporadic at best, I am a pretty faithful Pinner. I am constantly on there looking at colors, crafts, nail designs, hairstyles, and more! Here are some fun things that I just pinned. =) Enjoy!

PinnedI am kind of obsessing about these purple and grey tones. They are on my nails right now and I smile every time I glance down. This palette is exactly the kind of shades I wanted. I am also entranced and obsessed with this Easy shop¬†and specifically this tee shirt… I am pretty sure that I would never change out of it. Take a look around and you will be in love too!

I am thinking about getting another tattoo (I am slightly concerned that I will not stop getting tattoos) and this time I want something to celebrate my love of felines. I want something soft and subtle on the back of my neck, a watercolor tattoo. This is the closest thing I have found to what I am looking for and perfect for me since I love black cats.

We have been playing with polymer clay lately and I have just pinned a bunch of really fun charms to make like these pretty books. A little more sophisticated, this clever little clay house hides a small incense cone that lets smoke through the chimney. I can’t wait to make one!

Around my birthday I always contemplate a hair cut or change… I really like this simple chin length bob with bangs. (However, my hair gets pretty oily quickly and it ends up looking stringy and blah!) It’s still fun to look around.

I keep adding to my reading list…. I don’t think I can read enough. Check out my Book Board here!

Keeping It Cool

Klint built a kid wash yesterday, which of course the kids loved since it has been in the 90’s the last week or so. It was really easy to put together and a huge hit! (Thank goodness for PVC pipes!)


Conversation of the week:

Me: “Gabby, why do you have a duck whistle in your purse?”

Gabby: “That’s not all I have! I also have a flashlight and some rope!”

Me: “Okkkk…. why do you have a duck whistle, a flashlight, and some rope in your purse?”

Gabby: “Well, you never know….”



Moira has been practicing going on the potty every day when she sees me go to the bathroom. She asks for toilet paper and everything!

I’m definitely ready to be done with the whole diaper thing so yay for an early interest in pottying!

I fully realize that this fascination may end tomorrow so I am just going to enjoy today and hope that she just prefers to be clean sooner than later!


Here are some fun links you may enjoy, have a great holiday and see you all back on Thursday!

love this… the world’s smallest postal service

I want to camp here… or heck, live here!

love this Mama & daughter moment and so thankful I have experienced the same

bored of your bedsheets? here are some different options!

children see everything we do- good or bad

this makes me want to chop all my hair off… almost!

would love to make these for my girls, love the color!!!

definitely making these for gifts, super cute and unique

Happy 4th of July!!!


Summer Beauty Loves

I am sort of becoming obsessed with dying my hair bright colors. I have no clue where this came from, but I am itching to add pretty purple, pink, and blue streaks. Not my whole head mind you but some chunky bits in the front… oh the possibilities!!! I am totally blaming Pinterest for this new craze, along with my thoughts of chopping my hair again and trying more dramatic eye makeup, lol!

(All these looks can be seen on my Pinterest beauty board) Do you think my parents at the dance studio will take me seriously with baby pink hair? =)

More Hair Cuts



Being a mommy to little girls I am very aware of the simple fact that everything I do is seen with impressionable little eyes, from how I feel about my body to how I dress.

Up until this point I just sort of go about my daily routines and if they have questions about what I do they ask,

“Mommy what are you putting on your face? What is that you are using on your eyelashes? What are Spanx?”

Last week when I cut my hair made more of an impression than I realized though,

both girls asked to get their hair cut on Tues!

Gabby has gorgeous thick hair that was past her shoulders and AJ has wispy thinner hair that had grown out of her pixie cut.

This is the after photo!


Cute right?!

Gabby’s haircut makes her seem so much older now and AJ no longer looks like a homeless orphan, lol.

They love it too because I am no longer chasing them around with rubber bands and a brush!

It was a pretty cool feeling when Gabby asked the stylist to cut her hair just like Mommy’s… very cool indeed!