Photos from the Summer

This week most kids here in NE Ohio are back to school, indicating summer is indeed over. It has been a weird summer, wet and chillier than normal. We had a great imd though, slipping and sliding, digging in the dirt, and just having pj lazy days. Here are some photos of our adventures this summer:

AJ muscle _DSC0360ajswim AJzip beach family girls canoeing mimipose mimizip Penny_DSC0894 copy_DSC0770_DSC0876 copy_DSC0977_DSC0883 copy_DSC1177 copy_DSC1181 copy_DSC1078 copy_DSC1082 copyAJ 1Gabby 2Gabby AJGabbyMoira

No School is Old School

This week many of our friends went back to school. Photos of smiling children sporting new backpacks, donning new clothes, excited to venture into a new world. Of course, many of our friends’ lives continued as if nothing was different, it was just another day with children about. 

These past two years we have taken a very loose, laid back approach to schooling.  Gabby learned what she wanted, when she wanted, how she wanted. Amelia caught on to Kindergarten topics with ease since they are just basic concepts that were everyday ideas. However, as Gabby has gotten older I’ve noticed that her knowledge was really imbalanced- stronger in the arts and science, not to hot in the math and language arts area. Sure she can write a story, but her grammar is way off and she has no idea about the parts of a sentence or story. This wasn’t a big deal, until I think about what her career goals are and I realized that high school and college are more than likely in her future. 

So what’s a unschooling mama to do? Well, I’m not going to all of a sudden go all “school at home” on everyone, that’s not an option. But there has to be more of a routine, and definitely a clearer record of what we learned and when. Also, I want to delve deeper into topics, not just graze the top of them. Luckily I have some brilliant friends who are in the same place I am arriving and after talking with them this is what we came up with.

Cover page copyA place where I can keep track of lesson plans, pocket ticket stubs, hold sheet music, and store pamphlets from all of our outings. I can pre-plan themes, jot down what books we are reading, and not lose my sanity come portfolio time. 

This is my Monthly Theme Page:

Sept to NovDec to FebMarch to MayJune to Aug

Here is the Weekly Outlook, where I can see a preview of anything big in the week, like lessons, parties, and special events. I also can keep track of any books we are working on, which will be super helpful! 

Weekly OutlookAnd finally, here is my Daily page, where the girls will check off their “Have to Do’s”, they can see what the lesson of the day is, and I can make notes of anything that needs more work or they really like. 

Daily Color no personalizedSo here’s to some colorful creativity to keep us on task, help with the record keeping portion, and still maintain some of the fun, carefree homeschool spirit we are accustomed to! 

Happy Birthday Gabby

Today my oldest baby is 10 yrs old! How the heck do I have a 10 yr old?!!! Gabriella Rae is now in the double digits and growing faster than I can keep up. She is funny, artistic, kind, friendly, caring, sometimes snarky, and very sarcastic. (And stunningly pretty!!) I love watching her play soccer, laugh, read to her menagerie, draw, shoot arrows, and just “be”. I’ve cherished all the time we get to spend together thanks to homeschooling and look forward to many more years of it.

For her special day I filled her ceiling with balloons, wrote on the car, filled balloons with money ($20!!), and bought her favorite donuts- Jack Frost Donuts. Aside from her BIG present- Spike Sparkle, her bearded dragon- we gave her some Legos, clothes, and an awesome pair of chameleon goggles. She was super excited for all of her gifts.

Happy birthday my not-so-baby!!!! We love you lots!!!

Gabby 2



My Life in 5


Trying: to sort through a whole bunch of personal nonsense. Actually it’s not nonsense, it’s quite serious, but I’m still in the thick of it and if I feed the issue any more of my time, energy, and emotion I am afraid I will really become a train wreck. I created the graphic above as a mantra for when I really feel like quitting would just be easier on everyone… sigh.

Anticipating: the fall when I am back to a normal schedule of dance and homeschool. I can’t wait to have a rhythm to my week again!

Listening: to Spotify! OMG am I an addict! I listen to everything from the stand-up comedy of Gabriele Iglesias to the awesome sounds of the Piano Guys. There’s seriously music to fit every mood and I love it…. it makes finding new dance music pretty fun too!

Eating: not too much these days, lol. I’ve been trying to lose weight and since exercising isn’t the issue, my eating habits are probably the culprit. So I’ve been cutting my portions in half (I’m 4’10… do I really need full grown man sized portions?!), trying not to eat out of boredom, and being really mindful about what I eat.

Reading: a very cool cook book called What to Cook & How to Cook It. It’s a super cool cookbook that lays out all the recipes in a simple, clean cut way. I love that there are not a ton of ingredients needed and that all the recipes are normal and not “gourmet” complicated.



Hi friends! It seems that my blogging inspiration comes in spurts, lol. Anyhow, we’ve been super busy with weddings to attend, vacations, and tons of dance. I’m excited for the recital, sad for the year to end, but definitely looking forward to giving these knees a break.

Now that Cleveland finally got with the program and Spring has arrived we have been outside gardening a lot. I’ve been a HUGE fairy garden kick and together with the kids we have created not one but 3 fairy gardens!!! (If you are interested in creating a fairy garden be sure to check out my Pinterest board here!)


This is one part of the garden, where the fairies have picnics and play on the tire swing!

Also, what fairy garden would be complete without a dinosaur petting zoo?IMG_1317 IMG_1325

This is where the fairies can go camping… I would love to camp here!


And at night, the fairies can canoe while paddling down the jeweled river.

IMG_1356And finally, this is the fairy home! It has a hammock, a mail box, and is conveniently located next to our koi pond. Ambience is important to fairies! 

 This is a bigger photo of the playground/dino area that we lit up… I love how it looks at night with the fireflies out!

Gabby even got in on the action by making a dragon garden!


 **I’ve entered the Magic Onion’s 2014 Fairy garden contest!! You can check out all the entries here or enter your own!


It’s hard to believe that in about 3 months this pretty girl is going to be 10! She is already planning her big birthday party, complete with her BIG present from us- a Bearded Dragon! (Long story short, my plan of trying to show her that pets are a big responsibility backfired and I have to keep my promise that she gets a dragon lol!)


We spend a lot of time looking for worms these days, Moira is fairly obsessed with them. I feel pretty bad for the worms however as she insists on carrying them around in her hands clutched tight. Trying to convince her that the worms are sad doesn’t work so there are worm remains all over the outside area.

IMG_1343 IMG_1345

I’ve been busy gearing up my students for recital. I have 10 dances in the recital, plus Amelia’s and Moira’s AND the teacher dance. Whew! My students are all really excited and I am ready to share their immense talent with everyone. It’s been a crazy year and it will be a pleasant break once the first week of June is passed.

So that’s what’s going on here at Casa de Krebs. Hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later!