Hi friends! It seems that my blogging inspiration comes in spurts, lol. Anyhow, we’ve been super busy with weddings to attend, vacations, and tons of dance. I’m excited for the recital, sad for the year to end, but definitely looking forward to giving these knees a break.

Now that Cleveland finally got with the program and Spring has arrived we have been outside gardening a lot. I’ve been a HUGE fairy garden kick and together with the kids we have created not one but 3 fairy gardens!!! (If you are interested in creating a fairy garden be sure to check out my Pinterest board here!)

IMG_1315 IMG_1317 IMG_1325 IMG_1330 IMG_1356


Gabby even got in on the action by making a dragon garden!



It’s hard to believe that in about 3 months this pretty girl is going to be 10! She is already planning her big birthday party, complete with her BIG present from us- a Bearded Dragon! (Long story short, my plan of trying to show her that pets are a big responsibility backfired and I have to keep my promise that she gets a dragon lol!)


We spend a lot of time looking for worms these days, Moira is fairly obsessed with them. I feel pretty bad for the worms however as she insists on carrying them around in her hands clutched tight. Trying to convince her that the worms are sad doesn’t work so there are worm remains all over the outside area.

IMG_1343 IMG_1345

I’ve been busy gearing up my students for recital. I have 10 dances in the recital, plus Amelia’s and Moira’s AND the teacher dance. Whew! My students are all really excited and I am ready to share their immense talent with everyone. It’s been a crazy year and it will be a pleasant break once the first week of June is passed.

So that’s what’s going on here at Casa de Krebs. Hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later!

A Life in 6 Songs

In January NPR posed a challenge, “Tell Us the 6 Songs of Your Life“. Right away this caught my attention because at my very core music has been an integral part of my life. From childhood when I would sing along with TV shows and movies, through high school when I got to belt out show choir songs on stage, to now when I am a mother and use music to soothe and excite my own children, music is with me. It is safe to say that this is the case with everyone, we are a musical species who carry songs in our hearts and head. I am young, in the whole scheme of things, but here are my songs and why!

1. Fraggle Rock-Intro Song- This is a TV show that I watched as a child religiously. I remember dancing around to it, singing at the top of my lungs, while eating a banana and sporting awesome “fraggle-ish” pigtails! This is such a fun song… now my kids dance to it!

2. The Rhythm Is Going to Get You (Gloria Estefan)- Oh Gloria! My first concert, my first Latin artist to sing to, my fashion idol…. Gloria Estefan was my idol to say the least. She was my introduction to singing in a different language, a connection to my Hispanic roots, and was so much FUN to sing to!! I would rock out everything from Conga to Get On Your Feet… and still do today!

3. America from West Side Story- During high school I was fortunate enough to be in our annual musicals every year as well as in Show Choir and the other choirs. My favorite was West Side Story and still is today. I adore the colors, the script, the choreography… it was so much fun and a highlight of those four years. This was my favorite dance number of all.

4. I Don’t Want To Wait (Dawson’s Creek)- Ah, the teenage angst of Dawson’s Creek. This show was a staple in my college day to day routine, my sorority sisters and I would gather in a room to watch it between classes and lunch, gasping over the drama and sighing over the long profusions of love. It was our version of the soap opera and we loved it! (My husband cringes when he hears this song!)

5. You Are My Sunshine (Elizabeth Mitchell)- This is the song I’ve sung all my girls to sleep to as well as sung with all my younger students. It’s beautiful, calming, and has such a great message.

6. We Found Love (Glee)- After 10 years of marriage, this is the song is the one that makes my heart swell for my husband and my life. It’s upbeat, positive, happy. After everything that I have been through, I’ve found love. Simple as that.

What is the playlist of your life in 6 songs?

Growing Up Mighty

Today was a day I hope my girls will remember. A day where they got to see and hear me stand up for their likes, individuality, and for others like them. Today was another building block in their childhood that will help my mighty girls stand tall when others try to censor them.

This morning we were driving in the car, listening to a morning talk show, when a story caught our attention. It was about a little boy named Grayson Bruce who was bullied for liking My Little Ponies and carrying a Pony lunch bag to school. Instead of the school solely dealing with the true problem of the bullies, they told Grayson he had to keep his special lunch bag at home. Essentially asking him to align his likes to what the bullies wanted.

Now mind you I have heard about this story the past couple of days. But it was what one of the DJ’s was saying that made me really upset. He basically agreed with the school that if your child is being bullied for a specific reason then eliminate the cause to save your kid the hassle. Ugh!!! Not what this mama was wanting to hear!

So I did something out of my comfort zone… I picked up my phone and I called the radio station. I tried a couple of times and when I got through my heart was racing! What was I going to say? Was I going to sound stupid? How could I put into words that this DJ’s line of thinking was basically victim blaming. But I waited for the DJs to get to me, hand shaking, and found my voice when I heard the cue.

I told them that it was wrong to make a child change because someone doesn’t like their lunch bag, hair, shirt, house…. that there is a flip side to this. There are little girls out there who like ninja turtles, super heroes, zombies, and other “boy” things. This issue is not about just about a My Little Pony lunch bag, it’s about children being allowed to like whatever they want, without fear of being bullied for those likes. Making a child leave home their favorite things only gives bullies more power. It tells them that they control other kids and to keep up the behavior.

That’s was as far as I got before the DJ said his piece disagreeing with me and then went to commercial. It was over quickly but at the time it felt like forever.

I hung up and looked at the girls. Gabby had such a look on her face, like she couldn’t believe I was just on the radio and she actually got to hear it! Lol, she’s used to her mama being outspoken but never like that. I quickly realized that what I just did wasn’t a simple opinion blurb on morning radio. I showed my girls, firsthand, that if you believe in something strong enough you need to take whatever action you can. Maybe what I said will make one person think a little differently about this boy who likes My Little Ponies. And for my Ninja Turtle loving girl, it reaffirmed to her that I’ve got her back!


Vacation Packing

We leave to go on a very important family vacation soon and everyone is super excited! My best friend is getting married ***SQWEE!!!*** and all three girls are in her wedding. As you can imagine, packing for a week long vacation with three kids, in questionable weather, is quite a challenge. Especially when there is such an important occasion involved. So of course I turned to Pinterest for some packing inspiration, which is my version of Google, lol. First I found a few lists which were…ok. They just listed the items, not really giving a quantity or reasons why. Then I came across this article which was pretty epic. This woman packed one medium suitcase, one backpack, and one messenger back for a SIX MONTH trip across Europe!!!! OMG!!!

I loved not only the actual list but also the reasons for what she packed because I am so unsure about the weather. Here it is 60 and sunny one day and then the entire city closes down because of blizzards and single digit wind chills. So I am trying to pack things that can be layered, things that are comfortable to sight see in, and to wear in the car. These are the items that I came up with, along with the usual undergarments, makeup and toiletries, gadgets and gizmos. Whew!! But at least it is a start!!


Favorite Pins of the Week

Are you obsessed with Pinterest too? What favorite pins have you pinned this past week? Follow my boards here!

Unikitty Lego Nail Art!

Isn’t this UniKitty mani ADORABLE?!

Cute Neon Polka Dot Animals. Free Desktop / Computer Wallpaper background with a positive motivational quote.  #kids #kid

This is my new desktop wallpaper

pinterest page idea for project life. Awesome idea!!

My Pinterest LIfe album needs some Pinterest love!

Love the cut

This is what I want my pixie to grow out into!

Did this with all jumbo lego and put the first clue to a treasure hunt on the steps. It was a big hit.

I think the girls will love making this Leprechaun Trap

Spring fashion- mint! #mint #spring #fashion

My new favorite color combo for Spring, in a pretty outfit

Catching Up

IMG_0908 IMG_0914 IMG_0920 IMG_0929 IMG_0930Whew! Where does the time go?! Days fly past me and as I am laying in bed I remember things I want to blog about, only to have another day fly by so fast. In the last couple of days we have gone to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History where we had the very BEST of times…. seriously, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!!! We learned about rocks, dinos, evolution, birds, and so much more. We took home a HUGE tote of dinosaur stuff and the girls can’t wait to show their friends their cool dino claws and all that funness.

I also made an EPIC trip to IKEA in Canton, Michigan where I bought a new bed for the littles as well as lots of other fun things. And I am sooo proud to say that for the last two nights Moira has slept in her own BIG GIRL bed, the whole night, without waking up sad in the morning. She was so proud to tell everyone that she is a big girl. This mama is a little sad to have her baby away though, Moira has slept with me since Day 1 and I loved every moment sleeping next to her.

We celebrated Fat Tuesday with a huge King Cake and paczis donuts, lots of fun music, and The Princess and the Frog! The girls loved finding the baby in The King Cake as well as seeing photos from Mardi Gras, all they talked about is what kind of float they would make. =)

Miss Penny is getting so big, yet she is so little. It is hard to believe that it will take 3 years for her to be full grown. She definitely has the personality of her breed and people are constantly shocked at how laid back and friendly she is. I love how she follows us around and is content to be cuddled by Moira, who adores her.

So there you have it, our last couple of days. Despite the unrelenting cold temps, they have been sunny and warm. Now if Spring would catch up with my mood I would be a very happy lady!! =) Cheers!